AutoMate Your SharePoint Capabilities in a Single Platform!

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful business collaboration platform. The capabilities of SharePoint (content management, collaboration, search, business intelligence) work together to help companies quickly respond to changing business needs. For IT, SharePoint helps cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.

The power of AutoMate with native SharePoint support delivers a comprehensive automation platform, enabling businesses to integrate SharePoint with disparate applications across their network. AutoMate's pre-built SharePoint activities and drag-and-drop interface automate the management and administration of SharePoint users, sites, libraries and lists. AutoMate provides the capability to automate all SharePoint business and IT processes on a single platform.

  • Implement script-free SharePoint Automation
  • Save time uploading or download files to SharePoint sites
  • Eliminate latency, errors and operational costs
  • Create, Update, Add, Delete or Retrieve SharePoint Sites, List and Files
  • Manage SharePoint Users and Groups

AutoMate Sharepoint Processes