Run Book Automation: Delivering End-to-End Task Automation Across the IT Landscape

Today more applications, servers and data exist in larger global networks across the enterprise than ever before. Your company's run book, which contains important information from the data center, hardware and software configurations, housekeeping chores, maintenance tasks and user accounts, will need to combat that.

This network is your business lifeline, but it is changing: IT task loads continue to increase while IT budgets continue to shrink. Networks and their components are growing in size and complexity, and users are more connected than ever before. It is becoming tedious to keep up with the current rules and best practice for ever-changing hardware and software. Even with the best personnel, the sheer amount of information and complexity all but guarantee the introduction of error.

AutoMate BPA Server helps you manage, create and update complex, repetitive tasks.

  • "No Code, No Limits" graphical development environment. Go from task development to deployment faster than ever before.
  • Consolidate tasks into a centralized repository for modular design and easy object reuse.
  • Orchestrate and coordinate tasks among, and within, third-party systems and software.
  • Dramatically reduce resolution time for common alerts and incidents with automated responses and notifications.
  • AutoMate repetitive tasks to avoid unnecessary cost in labor, time and money.
  • Standardize procedures for greater visibility and reduce dependence on "tribal knowledge."

AutoMate Responds to Service Bottlenecks: The example workflow below uses the Service Trigger to monitor a service on a Windows OS for latency. If the service no longer responds, AutoMate stops the service and all dependent services, restarts the service, and sends an email notification to a network administrator.