Job Scheduling plus IT Automation for your Windows Clients, Servers and Network

Looking for Job Scheduling Software? You've come to the right place. And, we give you more: Scalable IT Automation.

Our AutoMate™ family of products delivers the scheduling capability needed today. With AutoMate you can schedule and manage jobs based on local and network events, such as:

AutoMate Triggers
  • Date/Time; including international holiday schedules
  • File and folder activity
  • System resources (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.)
  • Service Orientation
  • Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid Resources
  • WMI
  • And more

AutoMate can start managing and scheduling jobs on a single machine for less than $2,000 and scale to enterprise level deployment, preserving investment along the way. All backed by award winning US-based technical support.

AutoMate also extends your organization's current level of automation, meaning you can schedule and manage your existing jobs with AutoMate, and can create & deploy new ones too. All without writing code and using our award-winning drag-n-drop interface.

Here are just some of the highlights of our Action Library of 500+ pre-built deployable, automation processes:

The Automation Wheel
  • ETL (extract transform load) for SQL databases and Excel files
  • Stored procedures and SSIS packages
  • MS Exchange and email automation
  • Application Integration
  • MS SharePoint file management
  • Web Services and SOAP
  • And much more

Deploy new automation in hours, not days. Bring existing script-based automation under control with a single managed framework. Lower TCO, reduce development time, and increase productivity.

AutoMate's ability to manage, control AND develop jobs and automation has made it the fastest growing scheduler available.

Find out how AutoMate can meet your job scheduling needs and deliver scalable IT Automation for less than the cost of traditional job scheduling software.