AutoMate BPA Server The Business Process Automation Server

AutoMate BPA Server enables organizations to streamline, manage and automate complex operations without writing code.

  • Powerful tools for application integration and orchestration of complex processes.
  • Enterprise job scheduling, event-based automation, and orchestrated task execution across multi-machine networks.
  • Flexible tools for accessing and transforming data from multiple, disparate systems.
  • A complete toolset for all FTP, SFTP, and other file operations.
  • Orchestration of complex business processes involving database transactions.
  • Tools for automating the tedious activities of generating and distributing reports.
  • Automated file replication, data backup, and disaster recovery.
  • Automation of multi-machine, cross-platform batch processes in distributed networks.
  • Monitor event logs and automatically rectify process errors.
  • Industrial Strength GUI Automation and Macros.
  • Automation workflows enhance BPM deployments and deliver real business value.