Start Automating Your AWS Resources in Minutes!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an on-demand, in the Cloud IT infrastructure to companies of all sizes. AutoMate provides an integrated, automated AWS Console solution, utilizing drag-and-drop technology, to help manage your AWS infrastructure. By combining tools and services from the physical, virtual and Cloud worlds (the hybrid-Cloud), AutoMate connects disparate applications and technologies into single workflows. AWS features include:

  • Compatible with EC2, RDS, S3, SimpleDB and SQS
  • Launch, start, stop, terminate and reboot instances; create, delete and list snapshots
  • Manage security groups
  • Query, put, get and delete attributes in SimpleDB
  • Create, list and delete queues; send, receive, and delete messages in SQS
  • Create, delete and list buckets; put, get, delete and list objects in S3
  • Integration of applications (SQL, FTP, Excel, SharePoint, AWS) running in physical, virtual and Cloud environments
  • Integration of platforms (Windows, mainframe, Unix, Linux, Cisco, Mac OS) running in physical, virtual and Cloud environments

AutoMate can monitor performance metrics to determine when to start an EC2 instance for load balancing:Automate AWS EC2 Processes

AutoMate can monitor FTP folders for new files and upload them to AWS S3:
Automate AWS S3 Processes