Reduce Complexity with AutoMate's Application Integration Solution

In today's small, mid-size, and enterprise organizations, numerous applications are being used to process and complete even the most routine business activities. Additionally, to stay competitive, companies are employing new applications more frequently than ever. A common challenge for companies of all sizes is to integrate existing programs, especially legacy systems, with newly deployed applications. Centralizing applications with an integration platform eliminates the costs associated with maintaining multiple management systems and scripted solutions.

AutoMate offers an extensive set of integration tools to streamline your business processes and reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure. AutoMate's integration tools support the market's major enterprise applications, making it the ideal solution for integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SharePoint, Excel, SOAP-based Web Services, database transactions, file transfers (via FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and Windows network protocols), XML data, and more. For example, AutoMate can:

  • Integrate applications running in both physical and virtual environments
  • Integrate with legacy applications (AS/400, z/OS, etc.)
  • Reduce complexity with a single automation platform
  • Eliminate human latency, errors, and operational costs
  • Save time transferring data from one program to another

Retrieve data from SQL, FTP, and Excel; generate reports using reporting software; upload reports to SharePoint; and send an email notification.

Run an ERP process to retrieve XML data, back up the data in the Cloud (AWS), generate and upload Excel reports to a web application, and send an email notification.