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Top 5 Ways Automation Can Save You From a Zombie Apocalypse

With the zombie apocalypse approaching, Network Automation has outlined the top ways automation can save you time to concentrate on more important things—like killing zombies.

Los Angeles, June 17, 2013

Reports are coming from China of an unknown, incurable virus provoking normal citizens to eat one another.  Unfortunately, due to organ sales on the black market, the virus couldn’t be contained and has made its way around the globe, causing chaos, the crumbling of cities and countless casualties.  But before the zombie apocalypse spells an unending doom for you, Network Automation, the premier provider of scalable IT and business process automation software, AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server has outlined the top 5 ways automation can save you from those flesh-eating monsters:

1)      Automation saves you time to concentrate on more important things—In the weeks leading up to the apocalypse, your time should be spent on preparation. By automating all of those manual, menial tasks, you now have time to stockpile food and water, memorize exit routes out of the city, perfect your golf swing for knee and head level and practice wind sprints to increase your endurance for outrunning zombies.

2)      Put it in the cloud—An apocalypse, by most accounts, is usually chaotic. With the constant moving around and uncertainty of safe shelter, keeping track of your important information, documents and tasks will just be another burden to carry around. But the cloud solves that problem. By using automation to quickly set up the provisioning of servers, you will be able to access your data in whatever zombie-ravaged city you are in.  

3)      Set it and forget it—If you are blockading your door from 10 zombies trying to break in, you don’t have time to worry about your boss’ requests. (Because, for some reason, the entire family next door has been taken, but not your boss). While he is across town in a current zombie-free zone, your automated processes will still run accurately and reliably even when you are too busy to be there. This not only ensures that you have more time to concentrate on the zombies outside your house, but it also guarantees that you will have a job if you do survive.

4)      Enterprise implementation—After the first shock of zombie attacks has abated, it will be important to synchronize your information within your neighborhood, city, state and country. While keeping track of attacks and numbers of zombies in your area, automation could securely upload that data to an FTP or SharePoint site, share it with survivors in the area, and then analyze which areas need which resources. Emails or text messages could then tell the resistance when and where to meet and what supplies to bring. This process could be run hourly, daily or weekly without any human (or zombie) intervention.

5)      Ease of use—Developers in today’s society are scarce. Developers in a post-apocalyptic world will be invaluable. Instead of relying on the month-long back log for a programmer to safely make it to your house through booby-trapped streets, some automation solutions, like Network Automation’s AutoMate, don’t rely on custom code. With AutoMate’s simple-to-use, drag-and-drop pre-set actions, anybody can have working tasks up and running quickly.

“AutoMate has very robust and scalable capabilities. No matter your business’ problem, no matter if it’s just one zombie attack or 100, AutoMate has hundreds of pre-built actions to help you figure out a solution, without having to write code, “ said Dustin Snell, CEO of Network Automation. “If automation can save you from an apocalypse, think of all the possibilities for your business.”

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