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AutoMate Your Path to the Cloud: Network Automation Outlines Cloud Automation’s Top 5 Returns on Investment

60% of companies view cloud computing as a top IT priority this year, 75% of C-level executives report cloud computing as top of mind; achieve optimal ROI by automating tasks in cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Los Angeles, February 14, 2012

Network Automation, the premier provider of IT and business process automation software AutoMate 9, has released its top five returns on investment companies can achieve by automating cloud-based platforms. The benefits address the growing global demand for automated cloud computing services across a multitude of business verticals. According to an Avanade survey entitled “Has Cloud Computing Matured?” 60% of companies worldwide flagged cloud computing as a top IT priority for 2012. The sentiment is even higher in the C-suite with 75% of C-level executives reporting cloud computing as top of mind. 

The benefits outlined are designed to ensure optimization of automation tasks executed in cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, giving industry leading SMBs and Fortune 1,000 companies a comprehensive solution to automate their business and IT processes and maximize ROI. Network Automation’s Top Five Cloud Automation Benefits include:

  1. Reduced Utility Costs - Cloud processing is pay as you go, and automation ensures that only what is needed is actually used.
  2. Seamless Workflow - Cloud deployments are in conjunction with on-premise applications and IT resources. Automation helps integrate these hybrid environments.
  3. Liberating Human Capital - Focusing IT staff time on value added efforts is paramount. Cloud platforms have console control platforms that require both IT administration and manual operation.  Automation can perform routine tasks on these consoles and send notifications when human intervention is required.
  4. Streamlined Operational Efficiency - Mundane business process tasks require browser-based interaction with cloud facilities, suitable automation solutions can eliminate this interaction.
  5. Enhanced Control and Execution - Automation can not only control cloud resources, but also execute in the cloud, thereby delivering cloud-based economics to the benefits of automation.

IDC forecasts that by 2014 cloud computing services will grow to a $55B industry, and the market is looking for rapid reactions from technologists to address these computing demands,” said Dustin Snell, Founder and Chief Software Architect of Network Automation. “In embracing the cloud, we now provide AutoMate customers with the ability to automate the on-demand enabling of computing resources when needed, be it computing infrastructure, software, or application services.”

Network Automation conducted a webinar titled, “AutoMate Your Path to the Cloud” with guest speaker Forrester Research Senior Analyst Glenn O'Donnell. The session was attended by customers and community members interested in an overview of the pitfalls surrounding cloud computing and pragmatic solutions for effectively transitioning automation tasks to a cloud environment. An audience poll from a webinar revealed that 77% of respondents were considering cloud deployment and wanted to learn more about the overall benefits to their operation.

AutoMate 9 offers fully enabled cloud automation functionality via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with actions including Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDB), SimpleDB, and Simple Queue Service (SQS). 

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