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Network Automation Launches AutoMate 9; Automates Microsoft Dynamics and Azure, Extends Language Offering

New version supports popular Microsoft products, CRM Dynamics and the Azure IaaS Cloud Service; full functional language offering allows development and management of automation in native languages, supports Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish; OCR automation enhances user interface, supports extended business process automation; AutoMate 9 is available now for purchase, or via a 30-day fee trial of the full platform.

Los Angeles, December 6, 2011

Network Automation, the premier provider of scalable IT and business process automation software, today announced the release of its latest automation software solutions - AutoMate 9 and AutoMate BPA Server 9. The release marks the expansion of the no-code platform’s enhanced offerings including:

  • Microsoft Azure – Fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft’s Azure Storage Services, such as Binary Large Objects (BLOB), Table Service, and Queue Service, supports the software’s existing AWS functionality;
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Automation of a wide range of entity data management activities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, including creation, deletion, updating, query, retrieval, storage and reporting of all customer, product and order data; and
  • OCR – Automation of OCR, converting multiple text format documents into stored data is now automated, covering formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and GIF.

"Extending AutoMate 9’s Cloud automation to Azure allows our customers additional IaaS platform choices. The rate of uptake in our Amazon Web Services automation exceeded 20% of our install base in under a year. Adding to this success with new Azure automation was a key market-based decision,” said Dustin Snell, Founder and Chief Software Architect. “The market’s increased deployment of our automation platform to support both back- and front-office business processes drove the inclusion of OCR and Dynamics support.”

According to an independent Forrester Research, Inc. report by Craig Le Clair, ERP Process Woes Continue, But BPM Suites and Dynamic Case Management Can Help, May 2011, “ERP vendors' provincial focus limits the potential of acquired BPM solutions. When ERP providers integrate workflow or BPM solutions that they've developed or acquired, they focus on the capabilities that will improve their existing systems and thus integrate their own applications first. This narrow view often defeats customer goals of end-to-end process improvement.” Network Automation customers use AutoMate extensively to improve ERP process automation.

AutoMate 9 builds upon the Unicode compliance released with AutoMate 8 to include six new languages. Local language support extends the value of AutoMate to enable IT and business users alike to quickly, and easily, automate a countless number of tasks. All actions are pre-programmed and can be described in plain English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French and Chinese, enabling configuration without programming capabilities. For example, any Microsoft CRM Dynamics database can be easily integrated with external business processes like FTP, website interaction, quote generation, and other wide-ranging mission-critical activities. The inclusion of Dynamics CRM automation addresses the gap between CRM and ERP integration and workflow.

“AutoMate 9 has been one of the most valuable strategic investments our company has made,” said Eric Jones, Practice Director, JCMR Technology. “With its new functionalities we expect to drastically reduce our time to execute on client projects.” Benjamin Korper, President, Korper ICT, continued, “The Azure platform automation, OCR feature, as well as the new ability to install the software in French will benefit us greatly. All of the new features allow almost any organization to reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.”  

Additional features include revamped automation development and deployment interfaces, increasing productivity and control of production environments. The new user experience coupled with enhanced permissions processing, versioning, international calendaring and workflow graphics further establish AutoMate as the premier automation platform delivering innovation and value with reduced complexity for every type of user -- from the smallest SMB to mid-market businesses and global enterprises.

AutoMate 9 is currently available for purchase at The full platform is also available for a 30-day, 100% free trial through Network Automation.

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