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Network Automation Names New CEO

Gary Bishop, named the new CEO, plans to expand channel and direct sales development with an emphasis on the company's new Cloud-based automation solution. The current CEO, chief software architect and founder Dustin Snell, moves into a full-time role as chief software architect where he will spearhead product strategy and technical direction.

Los Angeles, January 10, 2011

Network Automation, the premier provider of IT and business process automation software, announced today that former Chief Strategy Officer Gary Bishop has been appointed CEO. Dustin Snell, the firm's current CEO, chief software architect and founder, has moved into a full-time role as chief software architect where he will remain actively engaged in spearheading the company's product strategy and technical vision.

Bishop, who joined Network Automation in 2009, will be responsible for corporate growth, profitability and the satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders. In his new capacity he will build upon the significant impact he made on the company's market execution activities including sales, marketing, product management, professional services and corporate development.

"Our automation expertise and product strength, combined with avid market demand makes this opportunity incredibly exciting," said Gary Bishop, CEO, Network Automation. "Automation software is experiencing very strong growth due to demand for efficiency and increased IT and business process complexity. Our success is attributable to excellent market execution, exceptional product innovation, unique scalability, and the caliber of service we provide to our customers."

"I greatly appreciate the confidence expressed by Dustin and the shareholders of Network Automation and their endorsement of our plan for increased channel sales development, expanded direct sales engagement and our new emphasis on automating Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud environments," he concluded.

Bishop has taken three companies from below $5 million in revenues to more than $50 million by ensuring effective market strategy and execution. During his 12 years of CEO/president experience, he has consistently delivered top line results for growth-oriented companies. Before joining Network Automation, he was founder and managing partner of Entrada Associates, a mid-market advisory firm, as well as CEO of PLX Systems and president of SunGard Treasury Systems, both software technology companies.

"Gary's proven track record as a technology industry leader will make his transition to CEO a seamless endeavor for Network Automation, their customers and partners," said Jim Morris, president and CEO, GlobalSCAPE, a key Network Automation partner. "Throughout our relationship, we have continued to see the market respond favorably to its automation solutions. Between Gary's solid leadership, Dustin's visionary software capabilities and their excellent automation solutions, we look forward to the growth of our partnership."

The management change was made effective January 1, 2011, the start of Network Automation’s third quarter of fiscal year 2011.

"Gary is a skilled and brilliant technology executive who has transformed our processes, elevated our way of thinking and is always a few moves ahead," said Dustin Snell, chief software architect and founder, Network Automation. "I look forward to pursuing my passion for technology while knowing the company I've built is in extremely capable hands. I am confident that Gary is well suited to handle the intricacies of running a growing software company and he possesses the vision and unique skill set that complements and enhances our existing assets."

Bishop and Snell will work together in their respective new roles to maintain the company's growing momentum in delivering a new standard of IT and business process automation software. Their collaboration and commitment will be a key factor in helping catapult the company to the next phase of its growth.

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Network Automation, Inc. is the mid-market leader in automation solutions that streamline and integrate business processes without expensive programming. Founded in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, the company provides business process automation software to more than 8,000 small, mid-market, and Global Fortune 1000 clients across 60 countries. The firm's AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server platform span automation development, deployment, and management with a drag-and-drop environment that substantially reduces the total cost of the automation lifecycle. Common uses include application integration, job scheduling, automated FTP, batch processing, automated testing, data transformation, automated scripting, automated reporting, and more. Network Automation's customers include NASA, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Verizon, FedEx, and many regional, state, and federal government offices. For more information, visit

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