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The Business Leader's Handbook for Building an Automation Center of Excellence

As automation technology becomes more advanced and enterprise environments more complex, innovative companies are moving beyond thinking about automation on a task-by-task basis. This guide introduces the center of excellence framework and helps you lead your company in building strategic enterprise automation.

There was a time when simply implementing automation technology in your enterprise put you a step ahead of the competition. These days, business and IT leaders everywhere understand the necessity of automating processes. Your competitive edge hinges not on whether you automate, but how you do it.

An automation center of excellence (COE) includes the people, processes, and technology necessary to maximize the benefits of automation, including robotic process automation. It is crucial to finding new automation opportunities, scaling your automation within the organization, and carrying out a long-term vision.

This handbook guides business leaders through the process of designing and building a center of excellence for automation.

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