White Papers and AutoMate Literature

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Automation White Papers

  1. The Business Leader's Handbook for Building an Automation Center of Excellence As automation technology becomes more advanced and enterprise environments more complex, innovative companies are moving beyond thinking about automation on a task-by-task basis. This guide introduces the center of excellence framework and helps you lead your company in building strategic enterprise automation.
  2. Ensuring IT Efficiencies through Enterprise Process Automation To effectively and rapidly enable and manage complex business processes, organizations must adopt a unified solution that directly integrates workload automation and business process automation.
  3. The Evolution of the Administrator’s Toolset IT administrators are faced with managing many complex processes. How do you choose the right tool for the job?
  4. Solving Scripting Problems with Technology The limitations of scripting in a complex business environment and the shift to dynamic, intelligent process automation.
  5. Automation eBook Managing Cost in Your Enterprise, written by David Chernicoff and Susan Perschke, is part of the ITPro series of eBooks by Windows IT Pro.

AutoMate Product Literature

  1. Automate Enterprise Product Overview Automate Enterprise is a scalable enterprise automation solution designed to go beyond basic robotic process automation to integrate frontend and backend automated workflows across your organization. The robust feature set also helps you meet internal and external SLAs, enable DevOps, and comply with industry regulations.
  2. New in Automate Enterprise The latest release of Automate Enterprise, of the award-winning IT and business process automation software for Windows, delivers a comprehensive enterprise solution that powers larger scale, more complex, multi-user environments.
  3. Automate Schedule Universal Connector As application sprawl increases, there is a growing need for a tool that connects business applications to create organizational efficiency, increase agility, and protect investments. Automate Schedule’s Universal Connector is designed to simplify integration between applications, allowing Automate Schedule to sit on top of your tech stack and make the most of existing application purchases.
  4. Automate Schedule Enterprise Job Scheduling Automate Schedule is a powerful enterprise job scheduling solution that integrates workflows across Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM i systems from a central console. By handling tedious, manual processes both within and across your mission-critical applications, Automate Schedule saves time and resources for the work that moves your business forward.
  5. Automate Product Line Overview IT and business process automation are more essential than ever for enabling efficiency and and gaining a competitive edge. Automate Complete is a comprehensive suite of automation solutions designed to meet any enterprise automation need, from robotic process automation to backend system automation to IT job scheduling.
  6. Automate Schedule Professional Services HelpSystems offers professional services to help you get started with Automate Schedule and overcome barriers on the road to automation. Learn more about training services, implementation and conversion services, and remote services.
  7. Automate Services: Automation Audits HelpSystems offers automation audits to help new and existing customers maximize ROI and build an automation center of excellence. There are two distinct types of audits: the business-focused People and Processes Automation Audit, and the IT-focused Infrastructure and Best Practice Automation Audit.

Market Based Literature

  1. Automate for Healthcare See examples of processes for the healthcare industry that can be streamlined and centralized with Automate.
  2. Automate for Banking See examples of banking and financial processes that can be streamlined and centralized with Automate.
Archived Literature