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Archived Literature

  1. Network Automation Brings Java, 64-bit Enhancements to IT and Business-Process Automation The 451 Research Take: NAI has made strong commitments to the evolution of its AutoMate platform. It continues to be enhanced with capabilities that make it easier to automate the various tasks and activities required of IT professionals to deploy systems and execute business processes. In all respects, NAI seems happy to be a lifestyle company, averting investment suitors and growing organically at its own pace.
  2. AutoMate 9 Product Overview An overview of AutoMate 9. Covers the product's main components and purposes.
  3. AutoMate BPA Server 9 Product Overview An overview of AutoMate BPA Server 9
  4. Protect Your Data with AutoMate's Suite of Cryptography Actions The demand for greater security with sensitive information continues to grow while organizations are faced with growing IT complexity and limited staff and resources. Network Automation, Inc. offers a suite of cryptography actions that help organizations automate IT and business processes while satisfying compliance and data protection needs.
  5. AutoMate BPA Server 8 Product Overview An overview of AutoMate BPA Server 8
  6. AutoMate 8 Product Overview An overview of AutoMate 8. Covers the product's main components and purposes.
  7. AutoMate Management of Microsoft Active Directory Managing Active Directory provisioning across a heterogeneous environment requires a platform solution which allows IT professionals to execute in a seamless and efficient manner. AutoMate is that solution.
  8. AutoMate vs Windows Task Scheduler AutoMate 9 raises the bar when it comes to functionality, ease of use, and configurability. It is the only product of its kind that offers the type of power typically found in large enterprise systems along with the simplicity found in applications with much less functionality.
  9. Network Automation Releases Latest Automation Solutions for Cross-Platform Delivery Network Automation introduced its latest release of process automation solutions to bridge the gap between technology innovations and business operational requirements. It is delivering a nimble and highly versatile approach to streamlining, orchestrating and integrating IT and business processes through automation and application-to-application integration. With this release, Network Automation significantly augmented its capabilities for handling cross-platform and complex multi-disciplinary workflows.
  10. Process Automation for the 2010 Decade The Automation of Business Technology: The Process Automation Server Vision from Network Automation
  11. Business Process Automation for the Financial Sector The Financial Sector has a tremendous need for process automation and the success of our customers in this industry has been the driving force of innovation.
  12. Business Process Automation for the Healthcare Sector Discusses the value of focusing on our customers in the health care industry and how they can use business process automation technology.
  13. Top 4 Dangers Facing IT Departments and How to Solve Them We see four main issues that your IT organization may be struggling with right now. These challenges essentially boil down to how you need to do more with less.
  14. Thought Paper: IT Strategies in a Tough Economy When budgets are shrinking or constrained, IT has to shift its focus.
  15. AutoMate BPA Server 7 This whitepaper discusses the benefits it offers, as well as a detailed perspective on the underlying technology and architecture.
  16. AutoMate BPA Server 7 Product Sheet An overview of AutoMate BPA Server 7. Covers the product's main components and purposes.
  17. Introduction to AutoMate 6 This white paper describes the automation, systems integration, and replication challenges.
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