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AutoMate is an award-winning automation platform that integrates and automates the technologies that drive your business. If you’re interested in streamlining day-to-day processes across your enterprise, here’s what you need to know about business process automation from AutoMate.

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Q: What does AutoMate do?

AutoMate is a flexible platform that allows you to automate almost any repeated business process. The software’s robotic process automation capabilities allow it to manipulate the tools critical to your business, even homegrown applications or web interfaces. For example, you might use AutoMate to monitor an email inbox for an attachment, then scrape data from the attachments and enter it into your ERP system. Or you could automate navigating a trading partner’s website to download specified files every day. Best of all, you can build all of your

Q: Why does my organization need an automation platform?

Having your team spend hours completing repeated, time-consuming processes like file transfers, report generation, or data entry is a waste of everyone’s time. Many companies have successfully used AutoMate to save hours every day, freeing up staff to spend more time on more strategic initiatives. Besides being tedious and expensive, manual processes are prone to human error. Organizations often try to get started with automation through custom scripting to automate individual tasks. This might work well at first, but as your business grows it becomes difficult to update and maintain the sprawling scripts. Knowledge of the scripts is often limited to one or two individuals who may not always be with the company, and if the automation fails, there’s no support line to call. Building all of your automated processes with a scalable process automation platform saves time and reduces risk.

Q: What are some processes commonly streamlined by AutoMate?

AutoMate has the flexibility to automate almost any process as long as it is repeated and predictable, but there are a few processes that are especially popular to streamline. One is report generation and distribution. AutoMate can write data into reports in a variety of formats and send the reports to stakeholders— no manual copying and pasting of numbers required. AutoMate is also useful for user provisioning. When new employees join your company, setting up accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, etc. can take up a lot of time. AutoMate can take user provisioning off your hands while also managing other HR onboarding tasks like collecting data from employee paperwork and sending information to payroll. Finally, organizations these days are dealing with a higher volume of data than ever before. Data extraction from unstructured sources, data entry, and other database automation tasks can all be automated with AutoMate.

Q: Who uses AutoMate?

Using AutoMate doesn’t require any technical expertise. The interface is intuitive and is operated with simple drag-and-drop actions. While the product is often used by the IT department, staff in departments like HR and accounting can easily learn to manage their own automated processes. AutoMate is also suitable for organizations of all sizes, and its scalability makes it a great choice for a growing business. For small companies, AutoMate lifts the burden of limited IT resources. Large enterprises might want to consider AutoMate BPA server, which allows for the administration of workflows across multiple servers.

Q: What scheduling options does AutoMate have?

AutoMate provides both time-based and event-driven automation options. There is great variety in the time-based options—schedule a process to run every Tuesday, at the end of every month, every second to check an email inbox, or on a customized holiday schedule. AutoMate also offers many ways to trigger an automated task based on an event. For example, a file arriving in a certain folder or an entry into a SQL database could kick off a workflow.

Q: What is the difference between AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server?

AutoMate provides all the functionality and flexibility you need to run automated processes on a single machine. However, as automation requirements grow, the need for scalability increases. Automate BPA Server is an enterprise-class solution with the ability to execute processes across multiple servers, optimizing automation and performance as your workloads increase. BPA Server also offers enhanced features like a graphical workflow designer and a responsive web-based interface for deeper analytics and control.

Q: How can I learn more about AutoMate solutions?

If you’re ready to try out AutoMate business process automation software, we offer a free 30-day trial. Make sure to maximize the experience by joining the monthly AutoMate Solutions Tour, a guided demonstration of AutoMate’s features and uses.

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