AutoMate Your Path to the Cloud: Webinar Exclusive with Forrester Research

Navigate the Path to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a top priority with IT and business executives alike, but the path to this vision is riddled with challenges. Automated service orchestration is a key mandate for any form of cloud pursuit, especially if the desire is to build an internal "private cloud" service. Cloud automation involves far more than server provisioning and workload migration. To succeed, one must implement solid processes and process automation systems to govern the execution of those processes. It can be very complex, especially since most implementations must still interact with on-premise systems (the hybrid-cloud), so careful process engineering and a realistic, yet capable automation portfolio architecture are needed to avoid failure.

Significant pitfalls await those ill prepared for the journey. Join us and our guest speaker, Forrester Research Senior Analyst Glenn O'Donnell, as we highlight these pitfalls and pragmatic solutions to navigate the adventurous path to cloud computing. Others who have properly addressed process and automation requirements are proving that cloud computing journeys can succeed. Yours can too.

Glenn O'Donnell Glenn O'Donnell serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals. He is widely regarded as a top thought leader in IT service management, IT operations, and the broader social implications of technology evolution. Glenn's specialties are in data center automation and operational excellence. He is the co-author of The CMDB Imperative, a book on CMDB best practices.