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Industry Leading Real Estate Information Provider Creates New Products Using AutoMate Software

iMapp, Inc. iMapp, Inc.
Tony Russo, Developer


iMapp, Inc. is a Florida based company that provides the real estate industry with actionable information compiled and integrated from a number of public sources. iMapp takes pride in providing its customers with highly accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information, which can be accessed with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. The company offers a suite of products to REALTOR(R) Associations and Regional Multiple Listing Services throughout the United States, two of which are iCheck and iDentifier.

iCheck is a web based automated MLS Rules verification product that sifts through approximately a million listings daily. iCheck's main job is to validate that listings comply with the REALTOR(R) Associations specific rules and regulations. iCheck automatically detects listing errors, corrections, duplicate listings, fines and more. Relevant violation data are then collected for statistical analysis and appropriate parties are notified of errors. iCheck is completely customizable for each subscribing organization.

iDentifier is a web-based system for individual REALTORS(R) to report data errors and MLS rules violations. iDentifier scans submitted reports automatically checking the report against an error database to correlate any previously reported violations. It then provides the REALTOR(R) Association staff with a comprehensive report detailing the potential MLS rules violation. iDentifier is the first in the real estate industry to provide cross-referencing of reported violations to an errors database.

The Challenge

The challenge of creating a robust errors database, the core of iCheck, is that information must be pulled from a multitude of disparate sources. Sometimes, the data source is a database with its unique schema and field names that must be mapped to the iCheck database. Other times, the data source is a text file which must be accessed via FTP, parsed, and loaded into iCheck. And other times, the data is in RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) format, a real estate data format similar to XML, which is accessed via HTTP.

As one can imagine, uploading all this information from so many disparate data sources can be extremely problematic. Any potential error must be diagnosed automatically and corrected in real-time because data accuracy is paramount.

For iDentifier, the challenge is automatically understanding the content of a multitude of emails sent by REALTORS(R) each day. REALTORS(R) often report MLS errors in a non-formatted, free-hand email. iDentifier must parse the contents of these emails and find relevant data, cross-referencing the reported error with the MLS listing and iCheck errors database. Then, iDentifier must automatically send a comprehensive and interactive email to the appropriate individuals at the REALTOR(R) Association for further processing.

The Solution

To create iCheck and iDentifier, iMapp needed a comprehensive software application which orchestrates a myriad of loosely-coupled and independent activities. iMapp needed an application which could automatically parse data; manage database operations; access data via secure FTP, HTTP, and POP3 email; maintain critical log information, notify IT personnel about any irregularities via email and pager, and send clients interactive reports via email. Moreover, the application needed to support sophisticated logic structures and sequences to make the information highly actionable and user-friendly.

After evaluating a range of tools that could execute the requirements, the IT staff at iMapp chose AutoMate by Network Automation, Inc. As Tony Russo says,

"Creating these innovative products using AutoMate was really a no-brainer for us. We could have written mountains of code, but AutoMate allows us to create and deploy robust applications extremely quickly. As a result, iCheck and iDentifier are considered the market leading product in the real estate industry. The real value of AutoMate is its ability to streamline time to market."

The Benefits

The benefit of AutoMate for iMapp has been sensational. The company now has two leading-edge products, iCheck and iDentifier, that are generating new revenue and income. While there have been some rumors that competitors are emerging with similar solutions, no company other than iMapp has really made an impact in this space.

According to Bill Rovillo, President of iMapp, product innovation is a central tenet of iMapp's strategy for continued growth and success. Bill says,

"We have great expectations about how these new products can add tremendous value for our customers. We also anticipate new revenue generated from these innovations will become an important part of iMapp's total revenue in 2006."