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Healthcare Company Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management with AutoMate

Healthcare Management Solutions Healthcare Management Solutions
Del Davenport, Vice President, Information Services


Healthcare Management Solutions (HMS) is an industry leader in outsourced revenue cycle management for hundreds of healthcare industry clients. Its client base includes large for-profit and not-for-profit integrated healthcare delivery networks, stand-alone hospitals of all sizes, physician groups and managed care organizations of all types.

HMS credits its phenomenal growth and success over the years to one key corporate value: the delivery of unparalleled customer service. HMS has achieved its gold-standard reputation by merging the technology of the future with its laser-beam focus of exceeding customer expectations.

The Challenge

Perhaps one of the most critical touchpoints between HMS and its clients lies in the transmission and interchange of sensitive patient and financial data. These data exchange processes must be extremely secure, HIPPA-compliant, foolproof, and accurate. There is absolutely no room for error.

The Solution

When confronted with the strict demands and standards of the data exchange process, Del Davenport, Vice President of Information Services at HMS, conceived a robust and elegant process. Del's vision was to create a completely automated process that would ensure security and accuracy, as well reduce response times and improve productivity. He would utilize an automation development tool to prepare EDI files for clients. First, the files would be automatically created by HMS' host systems. Then, the files would be automatically renamed, encrypted, and placed on the HMS FTP server where they could be retrieved by clients. Finally, Del wanted his team to be contacted by email and cell phone when the process was complete so they could ensure timely execution and client satisfaction.

The Benefits

Del found that AutoMate from Network Automation could accomplish his vision and all of his objectives. And in addition to improving sensitive data interchange, he found that AutoMate could greatly improve HMS' report generation processes. Now, HMS uses AutoMate extensively to automate processes between Excel spreadsheet data entry and Access database report generation.

Again, this streamlines critical report generation for clients and reduces the possibility of introducing human error into the equation.

"AutoMate has significantly reduced the amount of human interaction (and the associated costs) that would otherwise be required to meet the extensive, data-related needs of our clients. The product is powerful and intuitive. Almost without exception, if a human can do it, AutoMate can do it better."