Artistic Background

International Publisher Frees up Resources for Strategic Planning using AutoMate

The Globe Pequot Press The Globe Pequot Press
Dan Olver, Senior Programmer/Analyst


The Globe Pequot Press has established an international reputation for publication of outstanding regional guides to a myriad of travel destinations in the U.S. and around the world, and is among the top three sources for travel books in the United States. Globe employs a full time staff in excess of 130 personnel who publish market, promote, and distribute a list of approximately 600 new books each year. In addition to publishing its own imprint, it offers marketing and fulfillment services to client publishers whose combined annual output currently exceeds 200 new titles.

The Challenge

Dan Olver, Sr. Programmer/Analyst for The Globe Pequot, is responsible for making sure that IT processes are handled properly. Their website must be updated with new content in near real time. In addition, all clients must receive their monthly sales and inventory reports on time. His task is to provide The Globe Pequot Press with the most efficient method of transmitting critical data both to the website and their customers.

Before turning to AutoMate, these processes were performed manually. Since over 100 reports need to be sent at month's end within 3 days, this resulted in many extra man hours often extending until 3am. These late nights increased the chance for human error, and because their clients pay for their time sensitive reports, any error can become very costly. Furthermore, the volume of reports and manual nature of the work being done promoted a workflow that regularly delayed strategic decisions in favor of mundane and repetitive tasks.

The Solution

With his workload increasing steadily, Dan sought out AutoMate software to help The Globe Pequot streamline and automate the printing of nightly reports and uploading of data to their website. AutoMate simulates 15-30 keystrokes per report across multiple screens. These reports are then automatically sent to the clients within 24 hours.

The Benefits

Since purchasing AutoMate 6, the late nights spent printing reports have ended. Dan has found that the product has more than paid for itself reducing transmission time by 48 hours. This has sparked The Globe Pequot to begin using AutoMate for other IT processes such as background database functions, monitoring systems to increase uptime, and setting up on-error alerts for website data uploads. Dan states, "AutoMate handles an entire person's workload and frees me from repetitive processes that previously prevented me from making higher level strategic decisions. This product has been a godsend."