Artistic Background

Accudata Technologies Automates their File Processing Without Writing Code Using AutoMate

Accudata Technologies Accudata Technologies
Taylor Cleghorn, Director of Technical Services


Accudata Technologies, provides flexible access to data validation through innovative technology and cutting-edge data transmission. Accudata serves as an access hub for validating information associated with telephone numbers, cellular numbers and IP locations while also providing line information database storage of phone numbers and corresponding information. Accudata services the majority of the working lines in North America maintaining customers' telephone services providers and collect call preferences. Accudata's calling name database provides Caller Name information, which helps carriers provide Caller ID service. In addition, e-retailers require sales lead validation and lead verification through Accudata for optimum profitability.

The Challenge

Taylor Cleghorn, Director of Technical Services, is responsible for making sure that all data delivered to customers is correct and on time. He must also run reports to verify the data and ensure that provisions are in place in case of errors.

Before turning to AutoMate, Accudata Technologies used a combination of batch files and manual processes which was time intensive and difficult to manage. This resulted in excess costs associated with script development and the ever present potential for human error. This process was also very time-consuming resulting in unnecessary work for multiple staff members.

The Solution

Confronted with these issues, Taylor turned to AutoMate software to help Accudata Technologies streamline and automate critical aspects of their data manipulation process. AutoMate's Schedule Watcher triggers a task which retrieves customer files from an FTP site. This file is then manipulated by AutoMate to interact with an Access database and then run through Accudata Technology's proprietary systems. AutoMate sends a text file to a directory in case of error providing Accudata with a valuable error alert system. "With AutoMate, we are able to run our entire file manipulation process hands-off 24/7."

The Benefits

Since implementing AutoMate, Accudata has been able to provide its customers with accurate data on time and without incident. Taylor estimates that Accudata Technology has saved about $60,000 per year in employee costs and time saved since purchasing AutoMate. According to Taylor, "Without AutoMate, it would take an unbelievable amount of time to manipulate all the files we are responsible for and maintain error alerting on each machine. It would be not be financially feasible for us to run our company without it."