Artistic Background

AutoMate Facilitates Data Management at a Major Hospital

Mercy Regional Health Center Mercy Regional Health Center
Ron Olsen, Senior Systems Analyst


Ron Olsen is a Senior Systems Analyst for Mercy Regional Health Center, located in Manhattan, Kansas, which has over 100 physicians and 700 employees. Mercy Regional utilizes a Meditech HCIS to run its operations.

The Challenge

Mercy Hospital was experiencing many time-consuming and error-prone manual business processes because the Meditech system did not have an open architecture database, making it extremely difficult to get information out and put information in. Ron and his team were under the gun to solve the deficiencies of the Meditech system because of enormous costs associated with the many labor-intensive business processes that it required. Management and Ron both knew that some of these costs were tangible (such as data entry personnel labor), while others were not (such as accounting and billing errors that resulting in extremely poor customer service). Something had to be done!

The Solution

Confronted with the scope and scale of the problem, Ron envisioned a system that would completely transform the way data was inputted and extracted from the Meditech system. Ron believed he could devise a solution that would be completely automated and error-free, thereby dramatically reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
Ron turned to Network Automation and its AutoMate offering for his solution. The Automate solution was deployed in less than a month and has led to a tremendous surge in satisfaction from both employees and customers alike. Upon implementation, Ron said,

"AutoMate has given us the ability to input and extract information quickly and easily, with zero error by screen scraping and entry. It has replaced many monotonous daily operations. The product has been such a boon for us, I have spent at least 25% of my time working with and creating scripts. Our hospital's administration now thinks "AutoMate" before they hire another person for data entry tasks. If it is in digital format, we use AutoMate anywhere we can within the system."

The Benefits

Ron also testifies to the business results he has been able to achieve with AutoMate. He points to three specific areas, and says:

"AutoMate has saved the hospital over $30,000 in wages in the past 1 1/2 years. It has allowed us to create processes unavailable to us without a triggered scripting tool. Now we have two helpdesk databases that are populated by triggered actions. The online forum and searchable threads have enabled me to find my own answers to support questions, without waiting for any technical support help."