AutoMate Case Studies

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    How Peoples Telephone Reboots Equipment Instantly with Automate for Intermapper
    What if you could reduce an eight-hour outage… to no time at all? That’s exactly what Peoples Telephone Cooperative did. By automating reboots of failed equipment, this savvy telecommunications service provider saves countless man hours, makes sure technicians get a full night’s sleep every night, and keeps customers happy.
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    Single Source Keeps Staff Small and Business Running Smoothly with AutoMate
    Single Source is a large-volume provider of dry, refrigerated, frozen, grocery, paper, and chemical products for institutional commissaries. The company processes and ships approximately 250 million pounds of food each year, nationwide, and they do it all with only 22 employees. AutoMate has allowed Single Source to scale without adding staff by alleviating the burden of repeated, mundane tasks like moving files and monitoring directories.
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    SNS Bank Streamlines File Transfer Automation with AutoMate BPA Server
    In the banking and finance industry, the ability to process a high volume of file transfers quickly, accurately, and securely is essential. Fortunately, when SNS needed a reliable automation solution to handle their file transfer processes, they turned to Korper ICT, who introduced SNS to AutoMate BPA Server.
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    Financial Group Improves Loan Origination Process with Automation
    Aldergrove Financial Group, with 20,000 members throughout Frazier Valley, British Columbia, chose Automate to solve one problem within its loan origination process. The company soon found out, however, that Automate could be used for much, much more.
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    An Independent Publisher Uses AutoMate BPA Server to Help Preserve Ancient Texts
    Gorgias Press, and independent, academic publisher, turned to AutoMate BPA Server for a more efficient way to convert texts into electronic files. AutoMate was able to streamline the whole process, from scanning the first page to sending the completed file to the printers. The Press went from publishing a few dozen books to a few hundred books a year.
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    NYC Health Care Provider Uses Audit System to Cure Overworked IT Department
    Health Plus, covering more than 300,000 New Yorkers, upgraded from AutoMate to BPA Server after AutoMate's audit service found more than 200 processes that could be automated within the company. By expanding AutoMate to five servers, Health Plus' IT Department saves well over 15 hours a week, which allows them to focus on more strategic activities.
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    Automate Enterprise Eliminates Custom Visual Basic Code for InfraSource
    Prior to discovering Automate Enterprise, they wrote custom code in Visual Basic to extract positive payment data from their Spectrum Forefront accounting application, create a text file with the information, encrypt the text file, and then connect and send the file to the bank’s FTP site. Steve Mayor, Senior Network Engineer, and John Latherow, Applications Development Manager, decided they needed to look for a more efficient and time-saving solution to replace their current process.
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    AutoMate Brings Automated Data Collection and Dissemination to University Enrollment Office
    The onerous task of compiling data from thousands of student applications and even more from visiting prospective students each month was shifting the departments focus from its main objective - enrollment. AutoMate provided the solution.
  9. ssci-real-logo.jpg
    Fortune 500 Subsidiary Leaps Legacy Reporting Hurdles with AutoMate
    SSCI, a distribution division for a Fortune 500 company, needed a better way to disseminate sales reports. They were wasting tens of thousands of dollars per year in paper, postage, and human resources. In using AutoMate, they were able to digitize their reports resulting in savings of time, costs, and paper.
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    Preferred Health Professionals Cures File Transfer and Encryption Woes with AutoMate
    Preferred Health Professionals, a Kansas City-based PPO network, uses AutoMate to trigger and execute more than 175 tasks ranging from retrieving and decrypting claims to sending those claims to the firm's EDI translator, encrypting and forwarding EDI files to the appropriate parties, and generating and emailing SQL reports. Building each new automation routine typically requires only a few hours of dragging and dropping pre-programmed commands into the proper sequence, eliminating hours of expensive programming and code maintenance while also saving at least 10 hours of IT busywork daily.
  11. mindbeam.jpg
    Mindbeam Technologies Streamlines Telecom Departments by Automating Service Order Updates
    Founded in 2000, Mindbeam Technologies is a contract IT services company that writes custom software, develops web interfaces, and provides automated solutions for everyday business tasks. They are based in Birmingham, Alabama and provide effective solutions for repetitive order systems.
  12. first_credit_union.jpg
    Credit Union Banks on AutoMate for Hands-Off Handling of 27 IT Tasks
    At First Credit Union in British Columbia, a small software investment aimed at automating a single task has turned into a multi-purpose automation workhorse that is saving well over 15 hours of weekly busywork.
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    Automating Crystal Reports with Automate Saves 20 Hours per Week for Appliance Distributor
    For wholesale appliance distributor Echelon Home Products, generating and distributing reports for four different business divisions used to require at least 20 hours of weekly Crystal Reports work as well as wreak havoc among employees every Monday because of an all-day report-related network slowdown. That changed in 2008 when Echelon plugged into Automate.
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    Fit to Print Faster: Automate Saves Vestcom 200 Hours per Week with GUI Automation
    At Vestcom International, raw product data sent by major retailers and brand manufacturers must be scrubbed, organized, converted, and sorted. In the past, six or seven employees worked nearly full-time manually launching and directing these processes according to hundreds of business rules. Then Vestcom put the entire series of tasks on auto-pilot with Automate. This massive reduction in manual intervention led to major efficiency gains, and a 97 percent reduction in error rates.
  15. prime_liberty.jpg
    AutoMate Helps Medical Discount Plan Provider Share Salesforce Data without Pain
    Every morning before opening time, an IT staffer had to spend one to two hours manually manipulating new or changed membership data from the day before to fit the disparate formatting requirements of Prime Liberty Benefit's wholesale partners. Then the company took the AutoMate Professional cure, using Network Automation's no-code business process automation platform to custom-format, encrypt and transmit data updates without user intervention.
  16. pscu.gif
    Financial Services Firm Credits AutoMate with Saving 400 Hours/Month in IT Tasks
    Providing back-end financial services to hundreds of credit unions is an IT-intensive job. For Florida-based PSCU Financial Services, it requires hours of repetitive tasks ranging from monitoring client websites for availability assurance to migrating files from a variety of sources to a central location for client retrieval. Since 2002, managers in several PSCU departments have turned to Network Automation's AutoMate BPA Server to automate these kinds of processes without the time and expense of coding.
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    Concrete Producer Keeps Trucks Rolling by AutoMate-ing Event Log Monitoring
    With more than 400 ready-mix concrete trucks on the street at any given time, St. Marys Canada Building Materials (CBM) relies heavily on real-time data transmitted from those vehicles to its fleet management software to meet customers' construction schedules. Any prolonged disruption in the data stream can force a switch to manual vehicle tracking that is both less efficient and less accurate. In 2007, the company began using AutoMate Professional business process automation platform to help maintain the data flow.
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    30 Minutes of Automating Cuts Infor ERP VISUAL Work by an Hour a Day
    In the quest for IT efficiency, one way to save time is to automate the daily grind of launching and monitoring ERP system utilities. Washington-based job shop Magic Metals, Inc., sought to do just that when it implemented Infor ERP VISUAL, but the company's busy IT manager did not have time to write custom scripts to enable VISUAL utilities to self-execute. Instead, he turned to the pre-programmed automation capabilities of Automate. The software allowed Magic Metals to automate nine essential operations in just thirty minutes of building automation routines in a plain-English, drag-and-drop development environment. The strategy saved Magic Metals four to six weeks of coding work as well as slicing an hour a day off of ERP maintenance—all for less than the cost of a modest vacation.
  19. cnl_bank.gif
    'AutoMate-ing' Nightly Processing Pays Off for Florida's CNLBank
    At Florida's multi-bank holding company CNLBancshares, Inc., nightly processing routines used to require as much as three hours of IT staff time. The staff member on duty on any given evening had to perform nearly 50 consecutive tasks to update bank databases for the next business day, manually launching, monitoring and waiting for each task to complete before moving on to the next. Instead of investing in expensive programming or a costly automation package from its core processing vendor to trigger and execute many of these routines, the bank used Network Automation's AutoMate software to implement an in-house solution to automate the majority of its nightly processes. The payoff: a two-hour reduction in daily IT overhead, automated error handling of routines, and additional efficiencies gained without any additional software investment by using AutoMate to power other manual processes.
  20. mallory.jpg
    Home & Car Care Products Maker Puts ERP/EDI Reporting & More on Cruise Control with AutoMate
    For home and car care products manufacturer Mallory Industries, the road to low-cost automation of everyday business processes began with the deployment of a new ERP system at the company's two plants in the U.S. and Canada. Twenty-four daily ERP reports needed to be produced from the two locations and merged into a custom-built reporting application, requiring four hours of hands-on IT work every day. IT supervisors liberated staff members from that assignment by turning the job over to AutoMate Professional, a drag-and-drop business process automation solution from Network Automation. Since then, the company has 'AutoMate'-d a total of 44 different functions - ranging from EDI data dissemination to variance reporting, database monitoring and beyond - without expensive custom programming. Putting AutoMate in the driver's seat is saving Mallory more than 25 hours of paperwork per week and in at least one instance averted a server crash by alerting the IT team to data overload.
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    Hospital's Diet Data Duties Get Trimmed 20 Hours a Week with AutoMate BPA Server
    For any hospital, feeding hundreds of patients three times a day involves substantial paperwork. At California's Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, completing these tasks consumed roughly 20 hours per week until 2007. That year, the facility turned to Network Automation's AutoMate BPA Server, a drag-and-drop client/server business process automation platform that eliminates many repetitive manual IT tasks without the need for costly custom scripting. With AutoMate, Saddleback has reclaimed the time previously spent monitoring the daily flow and operation of its nutrition care and foodservice production facilities. Now other departments are going on the AutoMate 'diet' to trim unnecessary manual processes from their daily workload.
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    Automate Eliminates SYSPRO Night Duty for Lab Products Manufacturer
    The IT team at World Precision Instruments (WPI) wanted to take back the night on behalf of employees responsible for running reports from the company's SYSPRO ERP system. Instead of requiring employees to manually trigger and generate reports from home at specific hours in a specific sequence on a nightly basis, the company wanted to automate the entire process without investing in custom programming. Automate saved the day—and the night—with a drag-and-drop automation strategy that also saved tens of thousands of dollars in coding.
  23. 570511c6e5db5944349099.jpg
    Manufacturer Cuts 2 1/2 Hours of Daily ERP Work with Automate
    For years, an IT staffer at ITW Construction Products had to come to work early every morning to prepare the company's ERP system for the new day. At first, the process of incorporating the previous day's business activities into the ERP database took thirty minutes. As the company grew, the job ballooned to 2 ½ hours. Rather than continuing to waste valuable time repeating the same tasks day after day, ITW brought Automate on board. In just a few hours, IT managers used the software's automation wizards to trigger, run, and error-check ERP updates on a hands-free basis—slashing over 12 hours off the IT workload every week.
  24. stryker-case-study.jpg
    Stryker Finds Rx for Multi-Office Reporting with AutoMate
    Every night for several years, the five Latin America offices of Michigan-based medical technology products manufacturer Stryker Corporation were forced to burn the midnight oil to turn their daily financials into a single consolidated report. Each office has its own independent ERP system, so the process required three hours to compile the data for each territory plus another 90 minutes for a financial analyst at division headquarters to merge the five spreadsheets into one document. The upshot: nearly 18 hours of late-night labor that sometimes lasted past 11 pm. In 2004, IT managers at Stryker Latin America eliminated the drudgery by using AutoMate Professional to put each step of the process on automatic pilot - without writing a line of code.
  25. BJ's.jpg
    BJ's Restaurants Serves Up Automation
    The way the business now views the IT group at BJ's Restaurants is working to everyone's advantage. In most restaurants, IT is generally viewed as a function of finance, where the prevailing ethos is keeping costs down. But at BJ's, which has been growing 20 to 25 percent over the last five years, IT is viewed as a function of operations. That makes all the difference when it comes to accelerating business process automation and optimization.
  26. vanderburgh.jpg
    Vanderburgh County Highway Department Automates AVL Data Collection
    The Vanderburgh County Highway Department encompasses the Highway, Local Roads, and Street and Cumulative Bridge departments within the Vanderburgh County Government. About 55 employees within these departments handle public works and general maintenance for 560 lane miles of Vanderburgh County roads, including general road repairs and resurfacing, right-of-way mowing, roadway ditch maintenance, tree maintenance and emergency response to weather conditions such as storm damage and snow removal. The Vanderburgh County Highway Department operates under the authority of the Vanderburgh County Commission and is funded by the Vanderburgh County Council.
  27. gpp.jpg
    International Publisher Frees up Resources for Strategic Planning using AutoMate
    The Globe Pequot Press has established an international reputation for publication of outstanding regional guides to a myriad of travel destinations in the U.S. and around the world, and is among the top three sources for travel books in the United States. Globe employs a full time staff in excess of 130 personnel who publish market, promote, and distribute a list of approximately 600 new books each year. In addition to publishing its own imprint, it offers marketing and fulfillment services to client publishers whose combined annual output currently exceeds 200 new titles.
  28. accudata.jpg
    Accudata Technologies Automates their File Processing Without Writing Code Using AutoMate
    Accudata Technologies, provides flexible access to data validation through innovative technology and cutting-edge data transmission. Accudata serves as an access hub for validating information associated with telephone numbers, cellular numbers and IP locations while also providing line information database storage of phone numbers and corresponding information. Accudata services the majority of the working lines in North America maintaining customers' telephone services providers and collect call preferences. Accudata's calling name database provides Caller Name information, which helps carriers provide Caller ID service. In addition, e-retailers require sales lead validation and lead verification through Accudata for optimum profitability.
  29. norton_healthcare(1).gif
    Norton Healthcare Automates Reporting and Print Management in Cumbersome Legacy Applications
    For more than a century Norton Healthcare's faith heritage has guided its mission to provide quality health care to all those served. Today, Norton Healthcare is the Louisville area's leading hospital and health care system (45 percent market share) and second largest private employer. The not-for-profit system - the largest in Kentucky and rated one of the top 100 integrated health care delivery systems in the country - includes four large hospitals in Louisville, 10 Norton Immediate Care Centers, 9,700 employees, 280 employed medical providers at some 50 locations, and nearly 2,000 total physicians on its medical staff. Norton Healthcare serves the Greater Louisville metro area, including Southern Indiana, and patients throughout Kentucky.
  30. cbtf(2).jpg
    Community Bank and Trust of Florida Selects AutoMate to Streamline Core Bank Processing
    Community Bank & Trust of Florida (CBTF) is a regional financial services institution powerhouse dedicated to personalized customer service. As with all other banks, CBTF must run an array of nightly processes to prepare its core processing system for the next business day. Much of the work is comprised of reconciling accounts and updating transactions conducted at branch locations and ATMs during banking hours. The work performed is considered mission critical, and it is essential to keep accounts 100% accurate and up-to-date.
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    Pacific Toxicology Laboratories Saves Time with AutoMate
    Pacific Toxicology Laboratories (PacTox), located in Chatsworth, California, is a privately owned company that performs five distinct lab functions under one roof—drug testing, biological monitoring, medical surveillance, therapeutic drug monitoring, and forensic toxicology. PacTox's competitive advantage is its unique ability to provide integrated biological testing services. Clients include corporations, medical and occupational health clinics, academic and government researchers, district and defense attorneys, and physicians and other health professionals. In today's heavily regulated health care environment, many organizations are required to satisfy the security mandates outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. To that end, laboratories like PacTox are investing in enhanced automation software to slash costs, streamline information flow, and provide better testing and faster results for their patients.
  32. six400_logo-Financial-web.gif
    Six400 Creates a New Financial Product with AutoMate That Streamlines Bank Operations
    Six400 Financial Services LLC (Six400) is a technology company which provides automated solutions to complex back office processes for banks and credit unions. Recognizing the need to automate manual overdraft processing at banks and credit unions, Six400 introduced a revolutionary product called Overdraft Advantage[TM] which has been successfully deployed nationwide.
  33. BaylorLogoBlue.gif
    Baylor Medical Center at Frisco Streamlines Materials Management with AutoMate
    Baylor Medical Center at Frisco (BMCF), outside of Dallas, Texas, is one of approximately 100 hospital facilities run by United Surgical Partners International (USPI). In this large system, BMCF is known as the most profitable medical facility in the entire USPI system. BMCF utilizes Meditech's health information system to manage the bulk of its activities including ordering and controlling the inventory required to sustain operations.
  34. bh.gif
    Baptist Health South Florida Streamlines Claims Processing with AutoMate
    Baptist Health is South Florida's largest not-for-profit health care organization, encompassing six major medical facilities and a number of outpatient centers. They utilize a health information system provided by Siemens called INVISION, and a claims management system from NDC Health called ePREMIS.
  35. iu.gif
    Indiana University Deploys AutoMate Software
    The Auxiliary IT Operation center at the Indiana University has a lot of responsibility on its plate. It is in charge of the majority of for-profit activities the university is engaged in, namely the halls of residence, parking, dining facilities, campus transportation and much more. Additionally, this unit supports many critical IT processes including the secure distribution of student photos for identification cards.
  36. a_gif.gif
    Cutting Edge Receivables Management Company Turbo-charges Collections with AutoMate
    A leading provider of account receivables management services for the healthcare industry uses its deep experience and a specialization in the Emergency Medicine market to provide unparalleled service to hospitals throughout the Southeastern United States.
  37. 56f937812bcf6394872536.gif
    Automate Streamlines Lottery Operations and Reporting in Louisiana
    A big challenge for the Louisiana Lottery Corporation is to extract and import the data collected by their retail location GTECH lottery machines and off-site terminals and backend systems that identify winning tickets. From here reports must generated and ticket sales must be reconciled with bank deposits. A process of this magnitude would take an army of workers if it were manual.
  38. ricoh[2].gif
    Ricoh Canada Uses AutoMateTM Software for Document and Printing Automation
    Ricoh runs a network of 'just-in-time', print-on-demand production facilities, distributed across the globe. These facilities produce and disseminate all sorts of documents (e.g., real-estate sales sheets, courseware for educational institutions, invoices, and account statements) for large corporate customers.
  39. healthfirst[1].gif
    Regional Healthcare Provider Uses AutoMateTM Software for Complex Data Processing & Transmission
    In order to deliver quality patient care, Health First must exchange information with a large number of partners, customers, and vendors on a timely basis. Complicating this enormous task is the fact that Health First has over 15 business units using a variety of mission-critical applications. Additionally, since much of the data transferred contains sensitive patient information, security is paramount.
  40. cmost[1].gif
    Children's Museum Creates One-of-a-Kind Interactive Exhibit Using Automate
    The Children's Museum of Science and Technology in Troy, New York was founded in 1954 and is located in the Rensselaer Technology Park. Its mission is to be the premier science center in the New York Capital Region where kids and parents can explore, discover, and imagine the world of science together.
  41. transatlanta[1].gif
    Winner of the November, 2005 iPod Contest for Best Customer Success Story Using AutoMate
    TransAlta manages the production and delivery of energy resources over a wide geographical expanse. This requires a sophisticated mesh of control systems for thousands of pumps, valves, gas turbines, high voltage breakers, and more. In one plant alone where Marco Martinez works in Ontario, there are over 1,500 measurements monitored in real-time and around the clock. These measurements include various temperatures, pressures, and other readings on the critical control systems which support the production and delivery of energy.
  42. mmc[1].gif
    Major Medical Center Uses AutoMate to Streamline Meditech's Data Repository
    Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan utilizes Meditech Client/Server as its healthcare information system. Important information is also pulled from Meditech's Data Repository, stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, using reports generated via Crystal Reports.
  43. ist[1].gif
    AutoMate Powers ERP Processes for a High Technology Manufacturer
    In the past, IST's technical staff ran these processes manually. A user would interact with the Fourth Shift application interface and initiate the batch processes by navigating through a series of screens. Moreover, the processes normally take many hours to complete, and this required an operator to babysit the application during execution.
  44. imappinc[1].gif
    Industry Leading Real Estate Information Provider Creates New Products Using AutoMate Software
    The challenge of creating a robust errors database, the core of iCheck, is that information must be pulled from a multitude of disparate sources. Sometimes, the data source is a database with its unique schema and field names that must be mapped to the iCheck database. Other times, the data source is a text file which must be accessed via FTP, parsed, and loaded into iCheck. And other times, the data is in RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) format, a real estate data format similar to XML, which is accessed via HTTP.
  45. 51bf398cd32c2005013447.png
    Automate Integrates Critical Applications for a Major Medical Center
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has the challenge of staffing and managing thousands of nurses busy delivering top-notch patient care. To manage this complexity, MD Anderson relies on three critical applications: a Human Resource system by PeopleSoft, a Time and Attendance system by Kronos, and a Staffing system by Per-Se's ANSOS One-Staff.
  46. medmarc[1].gif
    AutoMate Speeds Report Generation and Distribution for a Major Insurer
    Medmarc has a monthly close process whereby underwriters write policies up until the close of business for the month. Once all underwriting is completed, the IT staff have to run a series of applications that close out all insurance claims for the month and create historical entries for the claims and policies in the corporate data warehouse.
  47. hms[1].gif
    Healthcare Company Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management with AutoMate
    Perhaps one of the most critical touchpoints between HMS and its clients lies in the transmission and interchange of sensitive patient and financial data. These data exchange processes must be extremely secure, HIPPA-compliant, foolproof, and accurate. There is absolutely no room for error.
  48. 1021ba[1].jpg
    AutoMate Facilitates Data Management at a Major Hospital
    Mercy Hospital was experiencing many time-consuming and error-prone manual business processes because the Meditech system did not have an open architecture database, making it extremely difficult to get information out and put information in.