Wait Object


A workflow's path may branch off to perform several processes simultaneously. To ensure that such processes are finished before advancing to the next stage, a Wait object can be added to the workflow. A Wait object supplements workflow execution delay capabilities that Conditions possess. Its main objective is to wait for multiple objects within a workflow to all finish before continuing.  

To use a Wait object:

  1. From the Workflow Designer, drag the Wait object from the Available Objects pane onto the workspace.
  2. With the proper flow control arrow, link the desired objects (i.e. tasks, processes, conditions, sub-workflows) to the Wait object that it should wait for.
  3. With a Success (green) arrow, point the Wait object to the desired object that should execute upon completion of prior objects.

During runtime, when a Wait object is encountered, the workflow waits for all items linked to it to finish executing before it proceeds.  


The sample workflow below illustrates the behavior of a Wait object. It starts by running the task named Retrieve Data which points to three other tasks (named Process Data, Transmit Data and Broadcast Updates). Since execution time of each task may vary, they are all linked to a Wait object which will wait for all three tasks to complete before the workflow proceeds to the final task (named Daily Report).

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