WFD Available Objects Pane

The Available Objects pane encompasses the major building blocks used to build a workflow. It also contains the Repository button which allows users a convenient way to access the Repository in order to add pre-existing objects to the current workflow.

Available Workflow Objects

The categorized tables below lists the available workflow objects. For more details regarding a specific object, click its related link.  


Object Name



Tasks are the workhorses of workflows and provide the instructions for automated execution on agents.  They are built using the Task Builder, which enables the dragging and dropping of over 230 actions without having to write code.

Flow Control

Object Name


Success Arrow

The Success Arrow is color coded green and proceeds to the object it is linked to providing that the previous object it stems from ran successfully.  

Failure Arrow

The Failure Arrow is color coded red and proceeds to the object it is linked to provided that the previous object failed or generated an error. The Failure arrow is ideally used to link to an alternate task that corrects the issue encountered by the failed task.

Result Arrow

The Result arrow is color coded blue and mainly used in conjunction with the Evaluation object to provide conditional branching during a workflow's execution. For more on the Evaluation object, see Evaluation Object.

Evaluation Object

Changes the course of a workflow based on the evaluation's results (used in conjunction with the Result arrow).

Wait Object

Provides the ability to wait for multiple items within a workflow to all finish before continuing.


Object Name



Triggers execution at the date, time or interval specified.


Triggers execution when a hot-key or specific word is entered.


Object Name



Evaluates as true when the specified window opens, closes, is focused or loses focus.


Evaluates as true when a system or process threshold is met. Parameters include available memory, free disk space, CPU utilization, process count, and more.


Evaluates as true when no keyboard or mouse input occurs for a specified period of time.

Event Log

 Evaluates as true when an event matching criteria is added to a Windows Event Log.

File System

Monitors the Windows file system for file additions, modification, or deletions in the folder(s) specified, and evaluates as true when the specified criteria is met.


Evaluates as true when the specified process starts, ends or stops responding.


Evaluates as true when the AutoMate BPA Server 9 task service starts or when a user logs onto the system.


Evaluates as true when an SNMP Trap meeting specified criteria is received.


Evaluates as true when a WQL query returns true or more than zero rows.


Object Name



 Allows the capability to create and execute embedded or sub-workflows within a parent workflow.


Allows commands to be executed on a Process Agent.


Repository Button

Once you create a workflow, task, event or condition, the system stores these objects in the Repository for re-use. The Repository button allows you to view and select existing repository objects to add to the current workflow. For more details, see Repository.

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