Server Management Console (SMC)

Server Management Console (SMC) is the major component used to interact with the AutoMate BPA Server 9 component. It provides centralized management and administration of all automated processes in distributed networks. The SMC provides tools for deploying, connecting and disconnecting Agents responsible for workflow processing created using the Workflow Designer and Task Builder.

All BPA objects (i.e. Agents, Workflows, Tasks, etc.) are saved in the Repository and can easily be viewed, edited and incorporated into new workflows. All workflow information is centrally stored on the server. Workflow performance reporting is also centralized so administrators can easily monitor real-time events and quickly react to any exceptions. For added security, the SMC contains a feature allowing user-based roles to be set by an administrator. For instance, certain users or groups can be set to have access to build, edit or delete workflows and tasks but not have access to manually execute them, while others can view and execute workflows and tasks but cannot edit or delete them.

The illustration below displays the SMC interface in its default layout. In addition, it points out the SMC's three main window panes as well as several important buttons/sections. Available SMC windows and sections along with links to more details (if applicable) are noted below. For more information regarding each available window pane, click the corresponding section of the image or the corresponding link below.

Main Window Pane

The Main Window Pane is the area of the SMC where users will perform most BPA related operations. This pane is located in the top-right section of the interface and becomes populated with specific contains the Header panel, which houses the command buttons and icons used to perform such operations. For more details, see SMC Main Window Pane.

Navigation Pane

This pane contains a set of navigation buttons which allows users to navigate to the various areas of the SMC. For mode details, see SMC Navigation Pane.


Below supplies a brief description about each available navigation button and provides a link to the main topics they are associated with.

Connect To/Log Off Dialog

The top section of the left pane contains a Connect To / Log Off option where you can enter the host name or IP address of the BPA server in which to connect to. This is useful in situations where there are several BPA servers to connect to and/or when the server is located remotely. To disconnect from a currently connected BPA server, select the Log Off option.

Output/Execution Status Pane

The bottom-right pane of the SMC consists of the Output and Execution Status tabs. These tabs provide real-time information in regards to workflows, tasks and conditions that are currently running. For more details, see SMC Output/Execution Status Pane.

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