The AutoMate BPA Server 9 Repository allows you to store and manage all created workflow objects such as tasks, conditions, processes and sub-workflows. Each time an individual workflow object is created, it is stored in the repository and can be accessed via the SMC's Repository section under their respected folders. For example, all created tasks can be accessed via Repository-> Tasks.  Each time a new workflow is created, it too is stored in the repository and can be accessed from the SMC via the Workflows section. This allows for the addition of embedded workflows. Keep in mind that any new objects added to a newly created workflow will be saved to the repository as well. The repository can also be accessed from the Workflow Designer (WFD). For more details, see Building a Workflow. The ability to store objects in a central location means they can be easily managed, are conveniently accessible and can be re-used in future workflows. For more details, see Repository Management.

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