Options - Overview

The SMC's Options section (enclosed in red below) allows you to set and manage properties and attributes for the server as well as default agent, workflow and task properties. It also allows you to add new Client Access Licenses (CALs) and supplies the latest information about the system including the version number, license types and agent connections.

Available Options

The Options tab has five main areas. More details regarding each area can be accessed by clicking the corresponding link below:




Controls the SMC's real-time logging instructions, viewing preferences and system prompting characteristics.

Server Settings

 Directs AutoMate BPA Server 9's basic characteristics in regards to handling various operations.

Default Properties

Manages attributes that dictate the general behavior of BPA server and its underlying objects, such as workflows, tasks and conditions.


 Determines how the SMC should  behave in response to certain actions.


Provides your current version and determines the interval in which updates should be checked.

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