Deploying Agents

From the Agents section of the SMC, clicking the Agents folder displays the Agents screen as shown below. Here, you can deploy new agents and manage the properties of existing agents.

Deploying Agents

Remote task execution involves first deploying agents onto the remote computer. The AutoMate BPA Agent deployment wizard can be used to deploy agents to other computers on your system so they can communicate with AutoMate BPA Server 9 and provide automation execution services across the network.

To deploy an Agent:

  1. From the SMC, click the Agents tab and select the Agents folder.

  2. Click the Deploy button. The Agent Deployment Wizard Getting Started screen will initially appear providing important information regarding the deployment process, as shown below. Note that the Deployment Wizard will work only if the following conditions are met:

Click Next to continue.


  1. A screen that allows you to select where to retrieve a computer list from appears (as shown below). The available options are:

After selecting one of the options, click Next to continue.

  1. Depending on which option is selected, one of three screens appear next (shown below) which allows the selection of computers in which to deploy Agents to. A pull-down menu provides the option to retrieve the computers from a network list view, an Active Directory list view, or the preference to enter the computer name (or IP Address) manually. To select more than one computer, hold down the Control key while selecting. Select Next thereafter.

  1. The Enter Domain Credentials screen appears next (as shown below). The parameters labeled Domain Username and Domain Password requires the username and password of a domain administrator or a domain user with administrative rights on the computer(s) where an agent will be deployed. The Domain parameter specifies the name of the domain. After entering the appropriate credentials, click Next.


  1. The Enter BPA Server 9 Credentials screen appears next (as shown below). The parameters labeled BPA Username and BPA password requires the username and password of an AutoMate BPA Server 9 user configured as an administrator. This allows the server component to properly authenticate newly deployed agents. After entering the appropriate credentials, click Next.


  1. The next screen will display progress of the deployment (as shown below).

  1. Upon completion, a screen titled Complete will appear (shown below) displaying a log of the installation result of each deployment attempt. When clicking Finish, the new agent should appear in the SMC's agent list.

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