Idle Condition



Launches a task/workflow when no keyboard or mouse input intervenes within the specified period of time (i.e. the system is idle). Occasionally, tasks are better run when the machine is not in use. This trigger can be configured for such a scenario. It can also be used to suspend workflow execution to wait for the system to be idle for the specified time period before continuing or determine the path of a workflow depending on the system's idle state.

Practical Usage

Occasionally tasks are better run when the machine is not in use by a real person. The Idle condition allows a task to be configured to run when the system has not been in use.


General Properties



Launch task when machine has been idle for

Specifies the amount of time the system should remain idle before the trigger is activated. Available time values are:

  • seconds

  • minutes (default)

  • hours

  • days

Behavior Properties

The Behavior tab properties dictate how the system should react upon the occurrence of a condition. These properties are significant in determining whether the AutoMate Condition should act as a trigger object (used to fire off workflow execution), wait object (used to suspend workflow execution) or conditional (decision making) object.

More about condition behavior


When an AutoMate Condition is used to trigger task/workflow execution, a pre-named (or fixed field) dataset called "AMTrigger" is created and populated with a collection of data which is passed onto the associated task. AMTrigger can be used to determine important properties related to the triggered event, such as where (machine name) and when (date/time) the trigger commenced, which AutoMate Event or Condition was responsible for the triggered event and which task started as a result.


Exclusive AMTrigger Parameters

A unique set of AMTrigger values exclusive to each Condition are created and populated along with the collection of common values created by every instance of AMTrigger. The AMTrigger values described in the table below are exclusive only to an Idle Condition.


Data Type

Return Value



Returns the name of the agent where the condition activated.



Returns the date and time of when the condition occurred.



Returns the name of the activated condition. Each condition contains a unique name. For example, if the File condition was initiated, the value returned would be. See the help topic for each condition to determine that object's unique name.



Returns the result of the activated condition (True or False).



If the workstation was locked when the condition occurred, the value returned is 1. Otherwise, it will be 0.



If the workstation was logged off when the condition occurred, the value returned is 1. Otherwise, it will be 0.



Returns verbose data about the activated condition in AutoMate Markup Language (AML) format.

Exclusive AMCondition Parameters

There are no AMCondition parameters created for an Idle Condition.


NOTE: A full list of AMTrigger and AMCondition objects exclusive to each Event/Condition can be viewed from the Expression Builder by expanding the Objects folder and selecting the desired object from either the Triggers or Conditions folder .

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