Server Management Console Quick Tour

The Server Management Console (SMC) is the centralized resource for management and administration of all automated processes in distributed networks. It is the control center for the AutoMate BPA Server 9. This is the place to start when getting familiar with BPA Server 9.

The SMC is where to invoke the Workflow Designer (WFD) to create workflows, store conditions and tasks in the Repository, set up users and agents, and set system properties. For more details regarding the SMC, see Server Management Console.

Sections of the SMC

The Navigation Pane (left window pane) is the main area used to move about in the SMC. This pane is comprised of several buttons or tabs, each covering different sections of the SMC. In addition, the top-most section of the Navigation Pane contains the Connect to dialog which is used to connect the SMC to the Server.

The Main Window Pane (top-right pane) is the SMC's primary work area. This panel becomes populated with the contents and available options for each associated tab. The contents of this pane changes depending on which tab or section of the SMC is selected.

This Output/Execution Status Pane shows real time information about a running workflow. The Output tab generates real time data in regards to any running workflows. The Execution Status tab shows detailed status (i.e. object type, Agent name, Start/End date time, running status) regarding any running workflows.

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