Wait Workflow Object

The Wait object adds to AutoMate's strong flow control capabilities. This object provides the ability to wait for multiple items within a workflow to all finish before continuing.

Using a Wait object within a workflow

To use a Wait object in a workflow, simply drag the object from the Available Objects pane to the workspace. Thereafter, link the desired objects (tasks, conditions, sub-workflows) to the Wait object. During workflow execution, when a Wait object is encountered, the workflow waits for all items linked to it to finish executing before it proceeds.  



The workflow illustrated below displays an example of the behavior of the Wait object. The workflow starts by running the task named Test. Assuming the task executes successfully, the three Success connections are followed, and the workflow starts executing the tasks named Test 1, Test 2, and Fail on purpose. These three tasks could finish executing in any order. Therefore, a Wait object is used to make certain that all three tasks have completed executing before the workflow can proceed.

Now, assume that tasks Test 1 and Test 2 execute successfully, and task Fail on purpose fails while executing. Once the last of these three tasks reports back its status to the workflow, the Wait item is passed and the task named Finished 1 is executed. Upon completion of the task named Finished 1, the workflow ends.


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