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A Revolutionary Advance in System Automation

AutoMate BPA Server is a multi-tiered client server business process automation platform for Windows. It logically separates high-level workflow design from the complexity of building detailed automation routines and provides automated execution and centralized control over processes involving one machine or the entire enterprise. With enterprise job scheduling, event-based conditions, and robust application development tools, AutoMate BPA Server enables organizations to streamline, manage and automate complex operations without writing a line of code.

AutoMate BPA Server bridges the gap between power and simplicity. At the high-level, AutoMate BPA Server provides intuitive workflow tools for creating and managing automated processes. Workflows serve two very important functions. First, they visually represent business processes and information flows so that non-technical managers and IT professionals can jointly see, understand, and even design their processes. Second, workflows contain all the information – the events and schedules that start automation; the tasks and machines that execute automation; and the conditions which control automation flow – that is necessary for their operation and management.

In addition to workflows, AutoMate BPA Server provides an extensive array of tools for creating sophisticated tasks without the need for writing code. This speeds up application development while reducing required expertise, resulting in a vast reduction of costs. Furthermore, AutoMate BPA Server reduces the hassles and expense of maintaining code over the long haul.

It is this approach – enterprise automation powered by workflows coupled with intuitive, "no code" task development – that separates AutoMate BPA Server from any other software product in the market.


The benefits of business process automation include the elimination of human error, dramatic increases in transaction speeds and consistent and repeatable performance of business processes.

In short, business processes can be performed faster and more accurately resulting in lower cost and increased business capability.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

AutoMate BPA Server is the leading platform for business process automation because it goes far beyond the simple linking together of pre-existing batch files, scripts, and custom applications. Workflows and tasks are assembled via drag-and-drop, without writing a single line of code. Task steps are displayed in plain English sentences that all team members can understand. This allows automated workflows and tasks to be developed rapidly and maintained easily, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional automation methods.

AutoMate provides cost savings at each phase of the automation project life-cycle:


An intuitive, drag-and-drop development environment enables you to construct automation workflows and tasks rapidly. No programming code or writing batch files.


AutoMate BPA Server orchestrates automation across a network of connected agent machines. You can configure connected agents to execute workflows and tasks with just a few mouse clicks.


AutoMate BPA Server stores all information required for workflow automation internally or, optionally, in a connected database. Users connect to the server to administer, manage, and develop. You can view all workflow execution information and audit events through a robust reporting interface.

Replace Code-Intensive Processes

AutoMate BPA Server is the superior replacement for scripts, batch files, macros, or any other code intensive process. Its easy drag-and-drop interface allows rapid construction and automation of virtually any business or IT process.

What Can AutoMate BPA Server Do For Me?

AutoMate BPA Server enables IT Professionals the capability to construct tasks that automate a wide variety of network and computing operations, such as:

  • Application Integration.

  • Powerful tools for orchestration of complex processes.

  • Data Access and Transformation.

  • Flexible tools for accessing and transforming data from multiple, disparate systems.

  • Job Scheduling.

  • Task execution across multi-machine networks.

  • A complete toolset for all FTP, SFTP, and other file operations.

  • Database Queries and Transactions.

  • Orchestration of complex business processes involving database transactions.

  • Automated Software Testing.

  • Powerful tools for robust automated software testing.

  • Automated Report Generation and Distribution.

  • Tools for automating the tedious activities of generating and distributing reports.

  • Automated File Replication and Data Backup.

  • Everything under one hood for file replication, data backup, and disaster recovery.

  • Batch Processing.

  • Automation of multi-machine, cross-platform batch processes in distributed networks.

  • Event Log and System Monitoring and Automated Problem Resolution.

  • Monitor logs and systems and automatically rectify process, machine, and errors.

  • Scripting without Code.

  • Eliminate the need for code and syntax without sacrificing power.

  • Enhance Processes Driven by Business Process Management.

  • Automation workflows enhance Business Process Management (BPM) deployments and deliver real business value.

  • Industrial Strength GUI Automation and Macros.

  • Automated Interactivity with Interfaces.

No Code, No Limits

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