MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing)

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MSMQ - Clear Queue, MSMQ - Create Queue, MSMQ - Delete Queue, MSMQ - Retrieve Message, MSMQ - Send Message, MSMQ - Wait for Message


MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) is a messaging protocol that allows applications running on separate servers/processes to communicate in a fail-safe manner. A queue is a temporary storage location from which messages can be sent and received reliably, as and when conditions permit. This enables communication across networks and between computers which may not always be connected.

AutoMate's MSMQ activities supply reliable and secure automated message delivery and retrieval, efficient routing, and priority-based messaging. A user-friendly interface contains a variety of activities that allow you to create, send, retrieve, clear, delete or wait for MSMQ messages on a local or remote machine.

IMPORTANT: MSMQ must be installed on the system (local or remote) in order for the MSMQ activities to work. MSMQ is bundled with Windows 2000, Windows XP (Excluding Home Edition), Windows Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, however, they are not installed by default.


To install Message Queuing on a computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003, administrators use the Add/Remove Windows Components feature of Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. No other software is required. To install Message Queuing on a computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7, administrators use the Turn Windows Features On or Off feature in Control Panel.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order as specified in the Activity to perform parameter. Click the appropriate link for more details regarding each activity.


MSMQ - Clear Queue

Clears existing messages from the queue.

MSMQ - Create Queue

Creates a message queue in order to perform other MSMQ transactions.

MSMQ - Delete Queue

Deletes an existing message queue.

MSMQ - Retrieve Message

Retrieves a message from the specified queue.

MSMQ - Send Message

Sends a message to the specified queue.

MSMQ - Wait for Message

Waits for a particular message to exist in the specified queue.