My Actions Panel

The Task Builder's Available Actions pane is comprised of two panels separated by tabs; the Available Actions panel and the My Actions panel. The My Actions panel puts recently used actions, your favorite actions and actions you use the most often within easy reach. That way, you don't have to remember or type anything. Just select the action from the appropriate list.

To add an action to your Favorites list:

  1. Select the Available Actions tab.

  2. Search for or navigate to the action you wish to add to your favorites.

  3. Right-click the action and select Add to Favorites.

Right-click Menu

Right-clicking anywhere inside the My Actions panel will display a right-click menu with the following items.

Menu Item


Remove from Favorites

Removes the selected action from your Favorites list. This option is available only if a right-click is performed on an action from your Favorites list.

Clear Favorites

Removes all actions from the Favorites list.

Clear Recent

Removes all actions from the Recent list of actions.

Clear Popular

Removes all actions from the Popular list of actions.

Clear All My Actions

Removes all Favorite, Popular and Recent actions.

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