Adding Comments

Comments provide a means for documenting instructions, entering notes, reminders or other important information directly onto the steps of a task. Comments are ignored by AutoMate during runtime. For debugging convenience, the Comments Debug Tab located in the Task Builder's Debug pane will display all comments and their associated step number. The default color for an added comment is green, however, this can be easily  modified via the Task Builder Color Preferences.

To add a comment:

  1. From the Steps pane, highlight the step in which to place the comment.

  2. From the Ribbon's Insert command group, select More -> Add Comment or press CTRL+ALT+C. A dialog box titled Comment will appear as shown below.

  1. Enter the desired comment in the Comment Text field.

  2. To automatically add this comment at the end of the task, enable the Add to bottom of task parameter. Otherwise, the comment will be placed in the step currently highlighted.

  3. Click OK when finished. The new comment is then displayed in the Steps pane (as shown below circled in red).


NOTE: Comments can be added from the Debug pane as well by clicking the Comments tab and selecting Add... from the right-click menu.

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