Creating and Managing Users

From the Users section of the SMC, clicking the Users folder will display the Users screen as shown below. A system Administrator is created by default and its corresponding icon contains a lock to distinguish it from other users. System Administrators are associated with call items and granted all permissions by default. It cannot be modified or deleted, but it can be added and removed from an item such as a User Group.

User Settings

Users can be added, modified or removed from the Users section. Users can be disabled or enabled from this section as well.

To add a new user:

  1. From the Users folder, click the New button. A window titled Add a User appears, as shown below.

  1. Enter the user name in the Username field.

  2. Enter the password in the Password field.

  3. Confirm the password by entering it in the Confirm password field.

  4. Toggle the Authenticate against Active Directory option to authenticate a user's credentials against an Active Directory deployment.

  5. Click Apply to save changes and close the Add a User window. The new user will then appear in the main Users window.

To edit an existing user:

  1. From the Users section, select the desired user and click Edit or right-click the user and select Edit from the right-click menu.

  2. Edit the appropriate options.

  3. Click Apply to save changes.

To remove an existing user:

  1. From the Users section, select the user to remove.

  2. Click the Delete button.

  3. Or simply right-click the user and select Delete from the right-click menu.

To disable/enable a user:

  1. From the Users section, right-click the user to disable and select Disable from the right-click menu. The corresponding user icon becomes grayed out signifying that it has been disabled.

  2. To re-enable the user, right-click the icon and select Enable.


General Properties

Each user includes a set of general properties which allows you to view specific details, enter custom notes and assign permissions to that user. To access a user's general properties, from the Users folder, select the desired User and click the Properties button or double-click the user. The general properties of the user appears as shown below.



The Details section displays various attributes about the user. The following fields are included:

Field or Checkbox



The assigned name of the user

Created By

The user who created this specific user as indicated in the Users section of the SMC.

Created On

The date/time when the user was initially created.

Modified On

The date/time when the user's properties were last modified.

Version Date

The date of the current software version

Globally Enabled

Indicates whether or not the user is globally enabled. This option is enabled by default.



The Notes section provides a location where you can enter descriptive information or custom notes in regards to the specified user. Notes entered will appear in various reports and other sections of the SMC.


The Security section allows you to set permissions for existing users or user groups on this item. For more details, see Item Permissions.

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