SMC Output & Execution Status Pane

The Server Management Console's Output and Execution Status pane supplies real-time information pertaining to workflows, tasks, processes and conditions during their execution. By default, these window panes are separated by tabs and share the same position in the bottom-right section (directly below the Main Window Pane) of the SMC. They provide real-time status regarding the current state of a workflow and supply important data about what workflow items are doing at any given time. The Output and Execution Status section usually furnishes the best indication of when, where and why a workflow failed.

Output Window

The Output tab (displayed below) logs verbose, real-time information regarding any workflow currently running. As each object of a workflow executes, debug information is logged to the Output view, including the running object's name, which Agent it is running on, start/end time and completion state (i.e. whether the object completed successfully or failed). If a failure occurs, the Output tab supplies extended information about the generated error. Errors are always logged in red so users can easily detect and classify them.

Managing Output Data

The contents of the Output window can be handled in several different ways. New output can be appended to existing output data or the Output window can be cleared before additional data is logged. Output data can be copied to the clipboard, and the contents can then be pasted into any application or window that accepts standard text. You can also save the contents of the Output window to a standard text file.

To copy the contents of the Output window:

  1. Right-click anywhere inside the Output window and choose Select All from the right-click menu. To copy one or more specific lines of data, select the line(s) in which to copy. To select multiple lines, hold down the CTRL key during selection.

  2. Right-click again anywhere inside the Output window and select Copy from the right-click menu. Contents are saved to the clipboard.

  3. Contents can be pasted to the desired application/program by using the Paste function.

To clear the contents of the Output window:

NOTE: This option clears all data currently populated. It cannot clear only partial or highlighted data.

To save output data to a standard Windows text file:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Output window and select Save As... An Explorer dialog opens.

NOTE: This option saves all data currently populated. It cannot save only partial or highlighted data.

  1. Select the location and file name of the text file to save the data to. If the file does not exist, it will automatically be created.

  2. Click Save. The contents are then saved as a standard Windows text file.

Available Output Fields

The Output window is divided into two fields (or columns). The table below provides details regarding each field.

Column Name



Specifies the date and time that the message was logged.


Specifies a detailed message logged by the server to notify the user of some occurring action within the system.


NOTE: AutoMate BPA Server encompasses additional output logging options which allows a user to dictate exactly what type of information should be displayed in the Output window. These options can be accessed from the SMC by navigating to Options -> Preferences -> Logging Output. For more information, see Logging Output.

Execution Status Window

The Execution Status tab (shown below) presents real-time status about running workflows in a table format. The workflow can be expanded to display status of individual objects by clicking the down arrow next to the workflow name. As each object in a workflow executes, information is logged in separate fields (or columns). Any object currently running can be easily stopped by clicking the Stop button associated with that object. Each field can be viewed in ascending/descending order by clicking that field's header.

Available Fields

The Execution Status window is a table view categorized by several fields (or columns). The table below provides the list of available fields and their description.

Column Name



Specifies with an icon what type of object is currently running (i.e. workflow, task, evaluation, condition object).

Construct Name

Specifies the assigned name of the running object. This applies to workflow objects that can be named (i.e tasks, processes, workflows).

Agent Name

Specifies the assigned name of the Agent running the object.

Started At

Specifies the time that the object started running.

Ended At

Specifies the time that the object stopped running.


Specifies the status of the object's execution (i.e. Running, Success, Error)


Provides a button that, when clicked, will execute an action on the object. For example, a Stop button will stop a task that's currently running.


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