The Connections section allows you to add, edit or remove connections to other BPA Servers and view to a different server. Click the Connections option and the following screen appears:

The Connections parameter will list all connections that have been previously added. These connections correspond to the IP address or host names entered under the Connected to parameter (top left hand corner) and specify locations where other BPA servers reside.

To add a new connection

  1. Click on the Add button. The Add connection dialog appears as shown below.

  1. Enter the Host name or IP address of the remote machine in the Host parameter.

  2. Enter the corresponding user name and password in the appropriate parameters.

  3. To make this the default connection, add a check to the Default Connection box.

  4. Click OK to save the settings and close the Add Connections dialog.

The new connection is added to the Connected To dropdown on the SMC's Connected to parameter (top left hand corner).

NOTE: Existing connections can be edited or removed by selecting the desired connection from the Connections list and clicking the Edit or Remove button.