Object Properties

Object properties are a set of options and preferences which influence workflow execution and dictate task behavior during runtime as well as interpret various object attributes. These properties can send system instructions in regards to which default Agent to execute the workflow, whether or not to send an email upon task error or whether to log onto a workstation when it is logged off or locked or set the task run in the background instead. Also, these properties can instruct the system to run a task in conjunction with other tasks and how to handle a conflict if one arises between tasks.

Default Properties

Tasks, workflows as well as agents, by default, inherit their properties from the server. These properties can be centrally viewed, managed and modified from the Server Management Console by navigating to the Options tab and selecting Default Properties as shown below. Any properties saved in this location become global to all affiliated objects. For example, if the same task is shared among two workflows, the Logon, Priority, Execution and other properties of the shared task will be identical to those workflows as well. See Property Inheritance for more details.

Viewing and Editing Object Properties from the Repository or Workflows Section

Object properties can be accessed and administered via the SMC’s Repository or Workflows sections as well. Properties set from the Repository or Workflows section will overwrite the default properties set by the server. To access the properties of a task or condition, from the Repository section, select either the Tasks or Conditions folder and double-click the object or right-click the object and select Properties from the menu that appears.

To access workflow properties, navigate to the Workflows section of the SMC and double-click the desired workflow or right-click the workflow and select Properties from the menu that appears. The illustration below shows the properties of a workflow as they appear in the Workflows section.

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