Process Agents

The main purpose of a Process Agent is to allow support for execution across multi-platforms. With the Process Agent, business and IT processes can now be automated across various operating systems. Because it is Java-based, the most common desktop operating systems are compatible, including Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Solaris. Similar to normal BPA Agents, the BPA Server component connects to a Process Agent via TCP/IP. Once connected, the Process Agent is used in conjunction with the Workflow Designer's Process Object in order to send commands to other operating systems within the course of a workflow.

Supported Operating Systems

The Process Agent is Java-based, therefore it can run on any operating system where Java 1.6 (or above) is installed. Supported operating systems are as follows:


In order to properly create and connect to a Process Agent, the following criteria must be met:  


During AutoMate BPA Server component installation, a JAR file will be extracted to the Program Files directory in the AutoMate BPA Server folder. (The default location is C:\Program Files\AutoMate BPA Server, unless another location was specified during BPA Server installation). This file is named ProcessAgentInstaller.jar and packaged with the Process Agent application. This JAR file needs to run on the system in which the BPA Server will communicate with.  

To install a Process Agent:

  1. Copy the ProcessAgentInstaller.jar file onto the desired system. The default location in which this file can be copied from is C:\Program Files\AutoMate BPA Server.

  2. From the Command Prompt/Command Shell of the system in which the Process Agent will be installed, specify the location of the installer followed by the following command:

java -jar ProcessAgentInstaller.jar

  1. A Welcome to BPA Process Installation message will appear (as illustrated below). You must agree to the End-User Licence Agreement to proceed.

  1.  Upon agreeing to the End-User License Agreement, you will be prompted to enter specific information (as shown in the image below):

NOTE: The name must not contain any spaces.

  1. After entering the required information, press ENTER. The following messages should appear in sequence during the installation process - the last message confirming proper completion (as shown below):

"BPA Process Agent Initialized"

"Generating Authentication Request"

"Sending authentication to [computer name/IP Address]"

"Process Agent is connected to [computer name/IP Address]"

Also, a new icon will appear in the SMC's Process Agent section indicating a successful connection from the server to the newly installed Process Agent.

NOTE: The console window must stay open in order for the Process Agent to stay running.



During installation of a Process Agent, an executable JAR file named ProcessAgent.jar is extracted to the installation directory selected. Once installed, the ProcessAgent.jar file is used to run the Process Agent.

To connect to a Process Agent:

  1. Open the Command Prompt/Command Shell of the Process Agent machine.

  2. Specify the installation directory followed by the command below:

java -jar ProcessAgent.jar

For example, if the installation directory is selected is C:\ProcessAgents the command to enter (as shown in the image below) would be:

C:\ProcessAgents>java -jar ProcessAgent.jar


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