Available Conditions & Events

Conditions can be set up for a task through the Workflow Designer (see Setting Conditions). Below is an alphabetical list of the available conditions AutoMate provides, with links to the topics covering each type.

Click the Event or Condition illustrated below or its corresponding link to view more details.

Event/Condition Name


Event Log

Evaluates to TRUE when the monitored event appears in the Windows Event Log.

File System

Evaluates to TRUE when one or more files are added, modified or deleted in the folder specified. Can also monitor for when the number of files exceeds the amount specified,  when one file size exceeds the amount specified or when the total size of the specified folder exceeds the amount specified.


Launches a task when no keyboard or mouse input occurs for the specified period of time (i.e. the system is idle).


Launches a task when a hot-key combination is pressed or a specific word is typed on the keyboard.


Launches a task when a system or process threshold (such as CPU utilization and memory usage) is met.


Launches a task when the specified process starts, ends or stops responding.


Launches a task at the date, time or interval specified. This trigger can be used for scheduling tasks to run at night or at the end of every work-day, week, month or other time frame.  


Launches a task when the specified service starts, stops, pauses, resumes or stops responding.


Launches a task when a SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap is received.


Launches a task when the AutoMate task service starts or when a user logs onto the system.


Launches a task when the specified window opens, closes, is focused or loses focus.


Launches a task when a WQL (WMI Query Language) query executed on the agent machine returns true or more than 0 rows. Queries built using WQL are used to manage and control the WMI Service.   

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