Task Builder Quick Tour

The Task Builder is used to visually construct and examine the steps that an AutoMate task should carry out when it is run (either manually or automatically with the use of a trigger). Task steps are created by visually dragging-and-dropping AutoMate Actions from an actions palette and placing them in the sequence desired for execution. This eliminates the need to write code or create batch files. A task can be composed of a single action or hundreds of actions, depending on what it is designed to perform.

To ensure that newly created tasks are working properly before they are put into production, the Task Builder includes a variety of testing and debugging features that provide detailed, real time information about a task, which aids a developer in monitoring and debugging tasks as they are being constructed.


What the Task Builder Accomplishes

Task Builder is the primary interface used to construct and test the steps of a task. It can perform the following:

Finding Actions to Add as Task Steps.

Drag-and-drop Task Construction from Over 230 Available Actions.

Editing steps of a Task

Testing Tasks via Use of Debug Window Pane.

Expression Builder utilization to properly construct Expressions.

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