Shared Arrays

Like variables, arrays are used to represent data in a task that may be different each time a task runs. But unlike standard variables, arrays can contain multiple rows and optionally multiple columns. In AutoMate, arrays have the ability to become ”Shared Arrays” which are arrays that are accessible throughout an entire workflow. Unlike normal arrays that are created and shared within a single task, the value of a shared array can be read by other objects or modified by other tasks that reside in the same workflow.

Shared arrays are declared at the workflow level. This informs the workflow that the contents of the array can be shared between all objects in the workflow. For example, if an array created and altered in Task A running on Agent A, is declared by the workflow as a shared array, the values of that array can be retrieved and modified in Task B, C or D running on other Agents within the same workflow.

In order for an array to be declared as a shared array, it must be added to the Shared Arrays tab of the Workflow Designer. Follow the instructions below to accomplish this:

  1. From the Workflow Designer, select the Shared Arrays tab.

  2. Right click anywhere inside the Shared Arrays section. This will display a pop-up menu which provides the option to Add, Edit, Rename or Delete a shared array as shown below. Select the Add Array option as shown below, circled in red.


  1. A dialog titled Workflow Variable appears as shown below. On the General tab, enter the following information:

  1. On the Advanced tab, enter the following information:

  1. After entering the proper information, click OK to save changes and exit the properties dialog.

Workflow Variable Dialog


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