Quick Reference Guide
Server Management Console (SMC)
Workflow Designer (WFD)
Task Builder
Technical Reference
BASIC Scripting
    Introduction to BASIC Scripting
    The BASIC Language, All Groups
    BASIC Scripts & Custom Functions
    Regular Expressions
    Restricted VBA Functions
       Introduction to Functions
       Abs Function
       Array Function
       Asc Function
       Atn Function
       CallersLine Function
       CBool Function
       CByte Function
       CChar Function
       CCur Function
       CDate Function
       CDbl Function
       CDec Function
       Choose Function
       Chr Function
       CInt Function
       Clipboard Instruction/Function
       CLng Function
       CObj Function
       Command Function
       Cos Function
       CreateObject Function
       CSng Function
       CShort Function
       CType Function
       CStr Function
       CUInt Function
       CULng Function
       CurDir Function
       CVar Function
       CVErr Function
       Date Function
       DateAdd Function
       DateDiff Function
       DatePart Function
       DateSerial Function
       DateValue Function
       Day Function
       DDEInitiate Function
       DDERequest Function
       Decode64 Function
       Decrypt64 Function
       Dialog Instruction/Function
       Dir Function
       DirectCast Function
       DlgControlId Function
       DlgCount Function
       DlgEnable Instruction/Function
       DlgFocus Instruction/Function
       DlgListBoxArray Instruction/Function
       DlgName Function
       DlgNumber Function
       DlgText Instruction/Function
       DlgType Function
       DlgValue Instruction/Function
       DlgVisible Instruction/Function
       Encode64 Function
       Encrypt64 Function
       Environ Function
       EOF Function
       Error Instruction/Function
       ErrorToString Function
       Eval Function
       Exp Function
       FileAttr Function
       FileDateTime Function
       FileLen Function
       Fix Function
       Format Function
       FreeFile Function
       GetAllSettings Function
       GetAttr Function
       GetChar Function
       GetFilePath Function
       GetLocale Function
       GetObject Function
       GetSetting Function
       Hex Function
       Hour Function
       IIf Function
       Input Function
       InputBox Function
       InputString Function
       InStr Function
       InStrRev Function
       Int Function
       IsArray Function
       IsDate Function
       IsDBNull Function
       IsEmpty Function
       IsError Function
       IsMissing Function
       IsNothing Function
       IsNull Function
       IsNumeric Function
       IsObject Function
       IsReference Function
       Join Function
       KeyName Function
       LBound Function
       LCase Function
       Left Function
       Len Function
       LineInput Function
       Loc Function
       LOF Function
       Log Function
       LSet Function
       LTrim Function
       MacroCheck Function
       MacroCheckThis Function
       MacroDir Function
       Mid Function/Assignment
       Minute Function
       ModuleLoad Function
       ModuleLoadThis Function
       Month Function
       MonthName Function
       MsgBox Instruction/Function
       Now Function
       Oct Function
       QBColor Function
       Replace Function
       RGB Function
       Right Function
       Rnd Function
       Round Function
       RSet Function
       RTrim Function
       Second Function
       Seek Function
       Sgn Function
       Shell Function
       Sin Function
       Space Function
       Split Function
       Sqr Function
       Str Function
       StrComp Function
       StrConv Function
       StrDup Function
       String Function
       StrReverse Function
       SystemTypeName Function
       Tan Function
       Time Function
       Timer Function
       TimeSerial Function
       TimeValue Function
       TryCast Function
       Trim Function
       TypeName Function
       UBound Function
       UCase Function
       Val Function
       VarType Function
       VbTypeName Function
       Weekday Function
       WeekdayName Function
       Year Function
    Extended Functions
    Formatting Data
    Task Functions
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