AutoMate BPA Server Standard vs. Enterprise


AutoMate BPA Server offers two editions; Standard and Enterprise. The Enterprise edition offers all the features found in the Standard edition along with features that are designed to offer greater security, organization, reporting, and deployment options to the businesses that require them. While not every company will need the robustness of the Enterprise edition, it will prove invaluable to those with larger or more demanding implementations of AutoMate BPA Server. The following covers features found in Standard and Enterprise editions as well as features found in Enterprise edition only.

Standard Features

Server Management Console

Server Management Console provides centralized management and administration of automated processes in distributed networks. It enables management and administration of AutoMate workflows developed using Workflow Designer and Task Builder. With centralized administration and reporting, AutoMate BPA Server provides unparalleled management of workflows and IT operations. All workflow information is centrally stored on the server. Workflow performance reporting is also centralized so administrators can easily monitor operations and quickly react to any exceptions.

Workflow Designer

Graphical workflows are the cornerstone of AutoMate BPA Server. A workflow (or flow diagram) is a high-level graphical representation of an IT or business process, which might involve processing on multiple servers across the network. Graphical workflows are created via an intuitive drag-and-drop tool called Workflow Designer. Workflows are not just pretty looking diagrams - they contain all the information (i.e., initiation, execution, error-handling, conditional logic, notification, etc.) needed to automate complex IT and business processes.

Task Builder

The Task Builder is an intuitive development interface where AutoMate tasks are created. Task steps are created by dragging-and-dropping AutoMate actions and activities from an available actions palette and placing them in the sequence desired for execution. Actions and activities include the capability for variables, arrays, if/else decision-making, looping and more for truly dynamic operational processing. AutoMate BPA Server contains over 500 activities in which to choose from.

Reusable Object Repository

Objects created in AutoMate BPA Server, such as tasks, conditions and workflows are automatically stored in a repository for reuse. The repository provides a centralized location in which to conveniently store newly created objects as well as access pre-existing ones. Storing objects in the repository does away with the tediousness of re-creating tasks or conditions each time a new workflow is created. These re-usable objects can easily be administered, modified and quickly incorporated into new or existing workflows with just a few mouse clicks.

Multi-Machine Execution

A multi-machine workflow is a workflow that is designed to execute on more than one machines. Unlike the common idea of being able to assign an individual task to execute on remote machines, AutoMate BPA Server carries the concept to a higher level by allowing a developer to assign each distinct event, condition or task that reside within the same workflow to execute on different machines. The workflow itself is always managed by the BPA Server component, however, the objects, such as tasks, events and conditions, which are contained inside the workflow can be allocated to run on different machines by means of assigning an agent to each object. This permits a single workflow the capability to monitor for certain events or conditions to occur and execute tasks on separate machines located in different physical locations, while all being a part of the same process.

NOTE: Standard edition only allows a maximum of 10 agents, whereas, Enterprise Edition allows an unlimited amount.

File Manipulation

AutoMate BPA Server contains a wide assortment of file related activities, providing complete control and management of files in your system. These activities can copy, move, delete and create files or folders. They can rename a batch of files or folders (i.e. to include the current date to a file or add sequential numbers to folders/sub-folders). From an administrative standpoint, these activities are highly useful for employing automated backup of critical files and data without writing scripts, batch files or custom programs. With the use of the Schedule condition, time consuming back-ups can be scheduled to run in the evening or during down-time, reducing unwanted delays and optimizing efficiency.

Database Queries

AutoMate BPA Server can easily interact with most standard database systems and its associated databases through the SQL Query and Stored Procedure activities. This involves setting up an initial ODBC connection to the desired database, which is a necessary procedure in Microsoft Windows to execute SQL statements on database engines provided by various vendors. This is ideal for automated retrieval, update, manipulation or transfer of data stored in a database. All standard SQL statements or commands are supported, including "Select", "Insert", "Update" and "Delete" to name a few.


AutoMate BPA Server's Excel activities enable users to automate common to complex Excel operations and to integrate Excel spreadsheets with enterprise applications and databases – all without writing code. The Excel activities enable creation of workbooks and worksheets, data retrieval and migration, integration of data with enterprise applications and external databases, and more.

Agent Failover

AutoMate BPA Server provides Failover capability in servers, systems or networks requiring continues availability and a high degree of reliability. Failover is the ability for an Agent to switch over automatically to a redundant or standby AutoMate BPA server component upon failure or abnormal termination of the previously active server component. Failover happens without human intervention. The second server will immediately take over the work of the first as soon as it detects a loss of communication.  

Agent Groups

An Agent Group is a distinct AutoMate BPA Server object that contains one or more Agents within a logical group. They can be used as a workflow object in place of individual Agents to conveniently distribute conditions and tasks to multiple machines across an enterprise.

Exclusive Enterprise Edition Features

Unlimited Number of Agents

AutoMate BPA Server allows for the centralized management of tasks and workflows over your network through agent deployment/installation. Enterprise edition places no limit on agent connections to a server, while Standard edition has a limit of 10.

Users and User Groups

The concept of user accounts provide security to objects and items encompassed in AutoMate BPA Server. A centralized user access system located in the Server Management Console allows administrators the ability to create and manage users. Administrators can also assign roles or permissions for each user. For instance, certain users can be set with the ability to build tasks but not to put them into production, while others can execute tasks but cannot edit them.

BPA Enterprise Edition takes the concept of user accounts a step further by allowing creation of user groups. User groups behave in the same manner as individual users except this feature allows the ability to merge a number of individual users into a single group.

Workflow and Task Auditing

Enterprise Edition enables tracking of activities in AutoMate BPA Server, such as user connection, workflow/task creation, and deletion. Monitoring activities helps enforce internal compliance, and otherwise prevents tampering of mission-critical tasks and workflows.

Cross Platform Automation

The process agent allows business and IT processes to be automated across various operating systems. BPA Server sends commands to be executed on systems where the Process Agent is installed. The Process Agent is Java-based, therefore, the most common desktop operating systems are compatible, including Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Solaris.


The Web SMC is a web-based version of BPA Server Management Console which allows you to access BPA Server Management Console from anywhere at any time.