Introduction to BASIC Scripting


The AutoMate BASIC Scripting engine is designed to extend the functionality available in the primary AML language. AutoMate's built-in AML language is much easier to use, drag-and-drop, and very robust, however there may be occasions when it is necessary to use BASIC scripting to access advanced objects or increase execution time. All functions, instructions and definitions are designed to be Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA[tm] Microsoft) compatible. The BASIC language is used for expressions inside AML task steps, and for Multi-line BASIC scripts.

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BASIC Expressions

BASIC scripting functions can be used to return data inside of an action parameter by surrounding a valid expression with percent signs. This is called an expression.



Multi-line BASIC Scripts

A BASIC script may be executed by using the BASIC Script action which allows creation of multi-line BASIC compatible scripts.

When to use BASIC scripts:

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