WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)


WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is a technology that supplies direct access to managed resources on a system and allows components and devices in enterprise environments to be centrally administered and controlled. WMI is specially well-suited for Network administrators because it provides a uniformed means to access a variety of Windows-based devices. In the past, monitoring and management of Windows-based servers and workstations were made possible only with the use of a number of different administrative devices to manage multiple resources, such as networking components, operating systems, printers, processes, services and users (to name a few).

AutoMate's WMI Query activity can monitor and control managed resources on a local or remote computer, thus, improving manageability of computers in a networked environment. For instance, a WQL Query task can initially determine any issues and direct itself to perform proper activities to correct the problem before proceeding to other steps.

Available Activities

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WMI - Query

Connects to a local or remote computer and performs a WMI Query Language (WQL) query to retrieve Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) supported information and populates a dataset with results. This activity includes WMI Query Builder, a built-in graphical interface that allows you to easily browse WMI classes, objects and their properties and values.