The Registry action Encompasses a variety of activities capable of automating many common registry configuration and management operations, such as the ability to create, manipulate, rename and delete registry keys, sub-keys or value data. This action also allows registry values to be read and stored, which is ideal in situations when you may need to retrieve configuration data, for instance, to keep track of the software you install on the computer or save data collected from an external application so that it can be retrieved and used the next time the task is run.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click its associated link.


Registry - Create key

Creates a key in the specified registry location.  

Registry - Create value

Creates or modifies a value in the registry. This activity supports creation or modification of all value types (i.e. String, Multi-String, Expandable String, 32-bit DWORD).

Registry - Delete key

Deletes a key from the specified registry location. Any sub-keys will also be deleted.

Registry - Delete value

Deletes the specified value from the registry. Both value name and value data is deleted from the specified registry key.

Registry - Get values

Obtains one or more values from the registry and populates a dataset with results.

Registry - Read value

Reads a value from the registry and assigns the value to a variable.

Registry - Rename key

Renames a key in the registry.

Registry - Rename value

Renames a value in the registry.