OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the technology of converting handwritten, typewritten or printed text in images or scanned documents into a computer readable text format that can be searched or manipulated with a word processor or other similar means. The potential of OCR systems is enormous because they enable users to harness the power of computers to access printed and scanned documents, allowing searches that once required hours or days to be accomplished in seconds.

AutoMate's OCR action provides new opportunities and techniques with regards to combining OCR capabilities in an automated environment. It enables you to convert typewritten, handwritten or printed text as well as text contained in images to an AutoMate variable or dataset, making it possible to search for a word or phrase, store text more compactly and apply techniques such as text mining or text to speech.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order. Select the corresponding link for more details regarding each activity.



OCR - Get text

Retrieves text from an image and populates a variable with results.

OCR - Get word(s)

Retrieves one or more words in an image and populates a dataset with results.

OCR - Get line(s)

Retrieves one or more lines in an image and populates a dataset with results.