Images are an essential element of many modern businesses due to their ability to draw attention and create a long-lasting impression. As customers begin to heavily rely on social media tools to learn about products and services, more organizations are learning the benefits of adding a visual component to their social media strategies. Because images are digital files, they cannot be edited as easily as files that contain textual data. Also, because they are larger in size, they can eat away at available hard drive space and create bottlenecks in networks. Developers and designers must deal with editing and converting many images by hand, which can be time consuming.

AutoMate's Image action consists of activities that can greatly reduce the time it takes to perform such a process. For example, you can create a single task that reduces the size of an image, applies a filter for a particular effect and converts the image file to the desired format. In addition, you can integrate loop related activities to run this task on hundreds or thousands of images.

Available Activities

The following table briefly describes the available activities for this action arranged in alphabetical order. Click the appropriate link for more details regarding each activity.

Image - Adjust

Adjusts the color properties of an image.

Image - Capture Screen

Captures a screenshot of the primary screen, virtual screen, active window, specified desktop or particular region of the desktop.  

Image - Convert

Converts an image to the desired format.

Image - Crop

Crops (removes the outer parts) of an image according to the dimensions specified.

Image - Filter

Applies a filter to enhance, modify or warp an image.

Image - Flip

Flips an image horizontally or vertically and saves the output to the specified path and file name.

Image - Image Recognition

Scans one or more haystack (larger) images for occurrence of a matching needle (smaller) image and populates a dataset with results.

Image - Join

Joins two images side by side horizontally or top to bottom vertically.

Image - Overlay

Superimposes one or more graphic or text elements over an image. The resulting copy contains both the overlay elements and the original image.

Image - Resize

Re-sizes an image by a percentage of the original image size, by the specified height/width dimensions (in pixels) or to a precise file size.

Image - Rotate

Rotates an image by 90, 180 or the desired amount of degrees. Can also be used to automatically deskew an skewed image.