Dynamics CRM


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management program used by a variety of industries to administer their relationships with customers, including the retrieval, storage and analysis of client information. It can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each organization and provide consistent and measurable progress in all aspects of customer relations using well-known tools and technology such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

The Dynamics CRM action is capable of automating a variety of common CRM operations in order to ensure consistency in how businesses interact with their customers. It can be used for creating, updating or deleting contacts, retrieving audit records, tracking specific information and uploading and downloading attachments. Integrating Dynamics CRM activities into a task eradicates the manual re-keying of data and greatly improves visibility and access to important information. In addition, users can better organize business processes with the use of sessions which define the steps necessary to automate specific operations or sets of actions to be performed on Dynamics CRM records.

Available Activities

The list of activities for this action are arranged below in alphabetical order. For more information about a specific activity, click the associated link.

Dynamics CRM - Create entity

Creates an instance of an entity, defines its properties and populates an existing variable with the unique ID of the newly created entity.

Dynamics CRM - Create session

Creates a unique session which can be used to combine numerous Dynamics CRM related steps. A session is particularly useful as a means of organizing and encapsulating a collection of activities required to accomplish a particular operation. It can ensure consistency and eliminate redundancy.

Dynamics CRM - Delete entity

Deletes an entity.

Dynamics CRM - Download attachment

Downloads an attachment from the specified entity.

Dynamics CRM - Enable/Disable audit

Enables or disables auditing for an entity.

Dynamics CRM - End session

Ends a session previously created by the Create session activity.

Dynamics CRM - Get audit records

Retrieves audit details and populates a dataset with results.

Dynamics CRM - Get entity

Retrieves information about the specified entity and populates a dataset with the results.

Dynamics CRM - List entity

Retrieves a list of available entities and populates a dataset with the results.

Dynamics CRM - Start workflow

Starts a Dynamics CRM workflow process. (Sets of logical rules that define the steps necessary to automate specific business processes, tasks, or sets of actions to be performed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM records.),  

Dynamics CRM - Update entity

Updates an instance of an entity.

Dynamics CRM - Upload attachment

Uploads an attachment to the specified entity.